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Mercusys: An Affordable Networking Solution

Mercusys is the latest sub-brand from TP-Link that offers affordable Wi-Fi Networking solutions. Make sure to check out the wireless routers & Wi-Fi extenders.

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Access Point

Access Point – Form A Large Wireless Network

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN, usually in an office or large building. An access point connects...
USB WiFi Adapter

WiFi Adapter – A USB or PCIe WiFi Receiver

Wi-Fi adapter a.k.a Wi-Fi receiver is a simple plug and play model that provides you with a faster, reliable connection to your network signals....
TP-Link Mesh WiFi

How Mesh WiFi Works

Mesh WiFi or Whole Home WiFi systems is designed to blanket your home with astounding wireless coverage, it usually consists of multiple nodes that...

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ADSL & VDSL Router

ADSL & VDSL Modem Routers

The latest modem router uses VDSL and it is able to support previous generations such as ADSL & ADSL2+. These are the routers that...
Powerline Adapter Homeplug

How Powerline Adapter Works (The Good & Bad)

Powerline adapter also known as HomePlug function on a simple idea - instead of running wires through your house, you use the existing electrical...
TP-Link A10

These 3 Things Will Help You To Pick The Right Router

Choosing the right router requires you to understand a few things such as the current ISP package that you are using, the problems you...

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