Today we will be reviewing ASUS RT-AX55 – a WiFi 6 mid range router that is capable of supporting up to 800Mbps over WiFi.

With a plethora of WiFi 6 devices being introduced to the market, it is also high time for us to really test – are WiFi 6 routers worth it or are they purely a hype?

In this post, we will be demonstrating the end result that you can get as a regular end user by comparing ASUS RT-AX55 with previous gen AC1800 / AC1750 routers in terms of performance and WiFi coverage.

Unboxing ASUS RT-AX55

ASUS RT-AX55 Unboxing

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • 1x ASUS RT-AX55 WiFi 6 Router
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • 1x WiFi tips on installation
  • 1x Warranty Card

Key Features & Benefits

ASUS RT-AX55 AX1800 WiFi 6 Router

ASUS RT-AX55 is a WiFi 6 router that provides decent WiFi coverage in a double storey house, it is also one of the AiMesh enabled router which allows you to form mesh network with specific ASUS AiMesh routers.

ASUS RT-AX55 AX1800 WiFi 6

It also comes with additional value like AiProtection that provides you network level protection such as parental control, network settings which protects you from hacker.

Hardware & Specification

Ethernet Ports4 x Gigabit Ports
Antennas4x non-detachable antenna
Wireless Speed802.11ax (5Ghz - up to 1201Mbps) | 802.11ax (2.4Ghz - up to 574Mbps) | 802.11ac (5Ghz - up to 867Mbps)
Dimensions230 x 134 x 56 mm
CPU1.5Ghz Broadcom Quad-Core CPU
FeaturesWPA/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
ASUSWRT (Web-based administration)
Adaptive QOS
AiProtection Classic (Network level protection by Trend Micro)
AiMesh Router

How To Setup & Install ASUS RT-AX55

All the setup were done via ASUS Router App which is simple and straight forward.

  • Make sure you have your ISP credentials ready for PPPoE.
  • Download the ASUS Router App from Playstore or Apple Store
  • Follow the in-app instructions.
ASUS RT-AX55 ISP Profile

Note: Make sure to tick the special ISP so that you can select the right UNIFI/MAXIS/TIME profile based on your ISP.

Speed Test – ASUS RT-AX55 WiFi 6 Router Performance

The purpose of the speed test isn’t really to demonstrate the maximum performance of the router, but rather to find out what are the real improvements of this RT-AX55.

We are testing this with 300Mbps UNIFI, Mi8 Pro and a PC Desktop on 2nd floor with WiFi 6 receiver. Speed tests were done in a double storey house.

Similar Speed Tests Results But Superior WiFI Coverage

ASUS RT-AX55 AX1800 Speed Test Review

While the speed test results are similar on the first floor (which is kind of expected as we are on 300Mbps UNIFI), we were pleasantly surprised by the WiFi coverage.

Old WiFi 5 Coverage on 2nd Floor
Old WiFi 5 Coverage on 2nd Floor

We used to get close to 0Mbps on AC1800 and now we’re getting 60Mbps.

ASUS RT-AX55 WiFi 6 2nd Floor Speed Test
ASUS RT-AX55 WiFi 6 2nd Floor Speed Test

Not too shabby. Which brings us to the next point.

You Can Form Mesh Network With This

If you need additional WiFi coverage, you can quickly add in another AiMesh enabled ASUS router in your house to form mesh network.

ASUS RT-AX55 AiMesh Enabled Router

Here is a list of AiMesh enabled router for your reference:

Which means you do not need to “throw” away your older model but instead, you can use it as one of your Access Point.

Plus, ASUS AiMesh is one of the mesh network that has a ton of positive reviews.

Network Level Protection

ASUS RT-AX55 AiProtection - Network Level Protection

This is an added value service by ASUS, it allows you to setup your network preference and filters which ASUS is pretty well known for. You can setup parenting control, block Internet access.


If you are still on WiFi 5 router, getting ASUS RT-AX55 AX1800 WiFi 6 router will future proof your tech as more and more devices are WiFi 6 enabled.

You will also be able to enjoy better speed and stability via OFDMA, you will typically experience lesser stutter during peak times where everyone is at home (especially in times like MCO 3.0).

Check out ASUS-RTAX55 here.


  1. If currently my Maxis router is TP-link AC1200 Archer C5r with telephone port (for voip) for DECT phone, can I change to this router and still somehow (by using back Tp-link as bridge) connect back the DECT phone?

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