Tenda AC23 is the successor to the previous generation Tenda AC18, we know it as a strong router with superior WiFi broadcast range, thanks to it’s built-signal amplifier and 7*6dbi external antennas.

Today we will be finding out if Tenda AC23 really holds true to it’s statement – does it provide a superior WiFi broadcast by comparing side by side against it’s predecessor Tenda AC18.

We will also take the opportunity to answer – can this replace mesh WiFi directly?

Unboxing Tenda AC23

Tenda AC23 Hero Shot

Here’s what you get in the box:

  • 1x Tenda AC23 AC2100 Dual Band Gigabit Router
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x RJ45 Ethernet Cable
  • 1x Quick Installation Guide

Key Features & Benefits

Tenda AC23 Close Up 1

Tenda AC23 is a AC2100 dual band gigabit router with superior WiFi coverage. As a matter of fact we were quite blown away by it’s coverage (esp. on 5Ghz).

Despite it being a WiFi 5 AC router, it is capable of providing serious coverage which can match the performance of mesh WiFi.

Tenda AC23 has 7 6dbi antennas which allow you to focus channeling the signal to the right spot. Provided you placed it in the right spot, you will actually get much stronger WiFi coverage compared to before.

Hardware & Specification

Ethernet Ports4 x Gigabit Ports
Antennas7*6dBi external high gain antennas
Wireless Speed2.4Ghz - 300Mbps | 5Ghz - 1733Mbps
FeaturesAble to support up to 500Mbps ISP plan
Stronger 5Ghz signal coverage
Beamforming+ technology

How To Setup & Install Tenda AC23

You may watch the setup video as above.

  • Make sure you have your ISP credentials ready for PPPoE setup.
  • Download the Tenda WiFi App beforehand, or you may use tendawifi.com like what we did in the video.
  • Follow the website instruction

Speed Test – Tenda AC23 vs Tenda AC18

The purpose of this test isn’t really to find out the maximum WiFi performance of the router, but really finding out if Tenda AC23 is worth the investment for better 5Ghz WiFi coverage.

The reasion why we are pitting it against it’s predecessor Tenda AC18 – as they were known for crazy good WiFi coverage as it is also an apple to apple comparison.

We are splitting the tests into 4 key areas, mainly living room (in front of router), furthest room on ground floor (3 walls), 2nd floor master bedroom and 2nd floor room 3.

Here are some of the equipments used in the speed test:

  • 300Mbps UNIFI
  • Mi8 Pro
  • Tenda AC23
  • Tenda AC18
  • All WiFi speed tests are run on speedtest app with the same server and 5Ghz WiFi only.

Living Room

No difference for both routers as they are hitting close to 300Mbps.

Furthest Room Ground Floor

Tenda AC23 Speed Test Ground Floor

Tenda AC23 outperforms Tenda AC18, the benchmark shown in the video are average of 10 speed tests.

  • Tenda AC23 – Full Bar – 167 DL / 53.2 UP
  • Tenda AC18 – 3 Bars – 105 DL / 43 UP

2nd Floor Master Bedroom

Tenda AC23 Speed Test MasterBedroom

Tenda AC23 still has full bar 5Ghz, but the download speed has dropped to 40Mbps, Tenda AC18 has no WiFi connection.

  • Tenda AC23 – Full Bar – 40.4 DL / 52.6 UP
  • Tenda AC18 – No WiFi (5Ghz)

2nd Floor Room 3

Tenda AC23 Speed Test Room 3

Similar results like Master Bedroom, Tenda AC23 still has 3 bars and download speed hovers around 45.4Mbps whereby Tenda AC18 has no WiFi connection.

  • Tenda AC23 – Full Bar – 45.4 DL / 30.5 UP
  • Tenda AC18 – No WiFi (5Ghz)

Verdict – Affordable WiFi Coverage Solution

Some of you may ask – how does this compare with Mesh WiFi?

The answer is it depends on your budget, house size and future upgrades.

If you have a much larger house, then getting a mesh WiFi would be better. If you live in a smaller apartment and would love to have something that works (provided ISP plan is below 500Mbps), then this is a good router.

Tenda AC23 comes with superior WiFi coverage even among it’s WiFi 5 routers. The 7*6dBi antennas and built-in signal amplifier clearly does it’s job well.

For the record – Tenda AC23 is currently priced at RM17X, which is way cheaper than mesh WiFi counter part.

To-date, we have sold more than 1.7K units on Shopee alone, if you’re looking to get one, feel free to head over here and read the reviews.


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