Solve Your WiFi Coverage Issue

While our WiFi technology has improved significantly over the last few years, some of us are still facing weak WiFi coverage issues.

This is despite enjoying faster wireless transfer, better bandwidth packages that go up to 1gbps and more recently, the upgrade into WiFi 6 which signifies faster and much more stable bandwidth management.

In this article, we will be sharing what are the possible causes of weak WiFi signal, how to diagnose them and more importantly how to have stronger wifi signals.

What Causes Poor WiFi Signal Coverage

Similar like the reasons for slow Internet, here are the reasons for weak WiFi coverage:

Under Specced Router in a Big House

House size matters. Period.

You just can’t expect an AC1200 router is able to support a bungalow with seamless coverage, it’s just impossible.

This is why we built a router suggestion tool based on real-life performance which you can use as a reference.

Wireless Signal Gets Weaker If You Are Too Far

It’s just physics, the closer you are to your WiFi router, the stronger the signal you can get – which impacts your download and upload speed.

Likewise, the further you are from it, the slower it will be.

While this is a generic cause, it is also worth mentioning that this is without taking your WiFi router specifications into account. 

Which leads us to another point.

Your Router Placement Matters A Lot

If you treat your router like an ancient box that needs to be hidden away, it could be the potential reason why you are facing WiFi coverage issues.

Try to place your router in an open environment without any enclosure (or kept within a drawer) at all times. 

WiFi signals get weaker if they need to penetrate through solid objects. Which brings us to our next point.

Your House Have Thick Walls

While strong sturdy walls represent you have a good house build, but it tends to be the opposite of WiFi coverage.

As explained before, the more walls that a WiFi signal needs to penetrate, the weaker it becomes.

We had an experience where just standing behind a ladder reduces the WiFi signal by 2 bars.

The good news is – this can be fixed with a properly-specced router

Free Ways To Fix Your WiFi Coverage Issues

Here are some free ways to boost your WiFi coverage:

  • Place your router in open space without anything covering it.
  • Change your WiFi channel into least congested one
  • Sit closer to your router (just kidding!)

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, generally, it’s really tough to have a free approach to really enhance WiFi coverage, what we can do though, is to list out solutions based on your expectations and budget.

Real Ways To Enhance WiFi Coverage

Below is a collection of solutions that you may explore, sorted by ascending budget, we highly recommend you to browse our UNIFI router tool to see which is the best-recommended router for you.

Use WiFi Extender

DRA 1360 LED Indicator

WiFi extender is an affordable solution for those who are on a tight budget and just want something to work. It may not provide the best performance, but it does its job well. Watch the difference between mesh WiFi & WiFi extender here.

  • Budget: RM40 to RM400 [OOKAS Shopee]
  • Pros: Cheap and affordable, extend WiFi coverage.
  • Cons: May not offer the best performance and have limited capacity.

Use Powerline Adapter

Powerline adapter is a useful networking device that extends coverage by using existing electrical wires in your house. The tricky part is it is highly sensitive to electrical interference and wiring quality, there are also different models for single-phase and three-phase houses.

  • Budget: RM100 – RM389 [OOKAS Shopee]
  • Pros: LAN & WiFi connection without hacking the house.
  • Cons: Highly dependent on wiring quality, multiple DB boxes may impact performance.

Consider Mesh WiFi

Deco M5 Compact Size

Mesh WiFi is designed to tackle wifi coverage issues, the thing about this is you can get better WiFi coverage at the price of a mid-range WiFi extender (with better specifications, of course!)

There are two ways to use this – you can get one to directly replace your router or use it as an access point (connect your mesh to your WiFi router), both ways work.

  • Budget: RM100 – RM1,500 [OOKAS Shopee]
  • Pros: Superior WiFi coverage and seamless internet.
  • Cons: Single SSID, doesn’t allow you to choose between 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz.

Upgrade Your Router

Upgrading your router is a viable choice only if you have identified your router is under-specced for your house.

  • Budget: RM100 – RM3,000 [OOKAS Shopee]
  • Pros: Superior chipset and source of the problem, price vary based on specifications.
  • Cons: Enthusiast may overkill for the router (i.e. 500Mbps but using 1Gbps specifications router)

Here you go with the solution – hope you are able to find what you need based on your budget.

If you’d like to compare between Mesh WiFi and routers, do read our UNIFI router guide or reach out to us on Whatsapp or Facebook.

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