How To Fix Slow TV Box

If you find your TV box may be laggy at times and primarily connected via WiFI (2.4Ghz) then this article might help you.

Verdict: If you have one TV box or Android TV box, please make sure that you connect it with your router via LAN cable if possible.

Here’s some backstory:

Choppy Streaming with TV Box

A few weeks back when I went over to my friend’s place, he was telling me that his TV box is laggy when they are streaming certain channels.

I was explaining to him about P2P servers and it might be due to high traffic congestion as he was saying the stream is choppy at random hours.

Instead of assuming that P2P servers are likely the cause, we decided to do a simple check on Internet Speed as he was connecting over WiFi.

First Issue – Router on Second Floor

He is on a 300Mbps UNIFI Plan, and with 2.4Ghz frequency, he should be receiving 100Mbps speed without any issues.

However, he placed his router on the 2nd floor while his TV is on the first floor. We decided to diagnose his TV Box Internet Speed first.

Diagnose Your TV Box Internet Speed

1. Open browser in your TV Box
2. Navigate to (you may need to download the app)
3. Run the speed test.

Here’s where things get interesting – his speed test result is 3.4Mbps download speed when his other devices are getting 50-60Mbps.

This leads us to another problem.

Dated WiFi Receiver on TV Box

Most popular TV box like EVPad 3S doesn’t really label out the WiFi specifications even on the official site they only stated it supports 2.4Ghz.

Depending on the WiFi receiver, you may experience weaker signals, more susceptible to interference which ultimately affects your streaming experience.

As he was using EVPad 3S which has a 100M LAN port, we’d figure that LAN connection will help.

Pro-tip: make sure to check your TV box WiFi specifications before you purchase, certain models like Mi Box S supports up to 5Ghz frequency.

LAN Connection with Mesh WiFi

He is using TP-LINK C1200 in a double-story house which provides decent coverage.

To run this test, I actually brought over my Tenda Nova MW6 and use it as access point.

We placed 1 unit on the 2nd floor (connected to the router) and the other one on 1st-floor living room – connected to TV Box via LAN cable.

When we got it connected via LAN, the internet speed instantly shot up to 94Mbps which changed his TV experienced entirely.

The good thing about mesh WiFi is although the nodes are not LAN connected, it can provide decent speed to the client (i.e. TV, Desktop, Laptop) if they are LAN connected.

He has been using it for a week now and no longer finds issues with streaming, there are occasional lags at peak hours, but it’s manageable.

Quoting him directly – he no longer needs to spend 3 hours to watch a 2 hours movie.

Verdict – LAN Connection is Best For Streaming

If you are facing similar issues like him, make sure to check your TV Box Internet speed over WiFi and make sure to check your TV Box LAN port (some only support 10Mbps)

If you find that the Internet speed is slow, then perhaps it’s time to upgrade your router to a Mesh WiFi.

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  1. Hi, im currently on 30mps plan and live in double story house.
    Actually i m facing low speed unifi and weak wifi signal as well on second floor. Devices : 8 to 10 devices.
    Can you recommend which would be the suitable route for my house? Im goin to upgrade the plan soon…
    Unifi plan to 100Mbps or 300 Mbps.


  2. Hi I’m using Asus RT-Ax3000 router, use LAN ethernet connect to Mi Box s via usb ethernet adapter, the internet speed is slower than wifi, any idea why?

  3. Hi, I encountered 2 problems after I installed a t.v. box. The first problem is the choppy streaming and lagging t,v, box. This must be because my 30Mbps router is upstairs while the t.v. box is connected to the lounge t,v. downstairs. The second problem is I can’t watch anything on my dining room t.v. since the t.v. box is only for the lounge t.v. Previously I could watch astro programs on either or both t.v.s because of some connection made by a technician linking both t.v.s although it is the same program.

    Could you suggest any solutions to the 2 problems? Thanks.

  4. Hi, I also face issues with choppy streaming from my tv box. Even though it is connected via an ethernet cable to my unifi router and speedtest shows download speed of 100 mps and upload speed of about 48+ mps. My bandwith package is unifi 100 mps. Would appreciate any suggested solutions you might have?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      If you’re getting 100Mbps for your TV Box already, chances are your TV box server is slow. You may want to speak with your TV box operator.

  5. Hi, I am using android box with unifi 300 mbps internet plan. However, I’ve run speed test multiple times only get 10mbps-12mbps with 5g wifi connection and full bar signal. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks

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