So you decided to get a TP-LINK Deco Mesh WiFi and as you browse through – you realize that there are quite a few models to choose from. What are the differences between Deco M5 and M9? What about Deco M4 and E4? What is the hybrid powerline model?

In this specific post, we will be listing down which Deco unit you should get based on specific factors such as:

  1. Bandwidth Plan
  2. WiFi Coverage based on House Size
  3. Wireless Network Technology
  4. Deco Series Hardware Specification

Full Side by Side Deco Series Comparison

We’ve uploaded a full specification side by side image comparison below, you can click on the image to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

For those who’d like a simplified version, do scroll down and read our table instead.

Comparison of Deco Series Based on Usage

As the table is too long for comparison, we’ve separated them into two separate tables for easier to digest, the first one is based on usage (bandwidth vs house size vs network technology) while the latter is all about hardware specification.

ModelRecommend house size & structureMax. WiFi BandwidthWireless Technology
DECO X60 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 4200-5600sq.ft1GbpsAX3000 (WiFi 6)
DECO X20 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 3400-4600sq.ft800MbpsAX1800 (WiFi 6)
DECO M9 PLUS 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 3900-5200sq.ft700MbpsAC2200
DECO M9 PLUS 2 PACKSingle / Double storey 2700-3600sq.ft700MbpsAC2200
DECO M5 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 3300-4400sq.ft500MbpsAC1300
DECO M5 2 PACKSingle / Double storey 2200-3000sq.ft500MbpsAC1300
DECO M4 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 3300-4400sq.ft400MbpsAC1200
DECO M4 2 PACKSingle / Double storey 2200-3000sq.ft400MbpsAC1200
DECO M3 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 2100-2800sq.ft300MbpsAC1200
DECO E4 3 PACKSingle / Double / Triple storey 2400-3200sq.100MbpsAC1200
DECO E4 2 PACKSingle / Double storey 1600sq.ft-2200sq.ft100MbpsAC1200
DECO E3 2 PACKSingle / Double storey 1400-1900sq.ft100MbpsAC1200

Deco Series Hardware Specification

This section is dedicated for hardware geeks that wants detail comparison, it has listed CPU, RAM, Signal Rate & Ethernet Ports.

Important notes:

  1. Most Deco series comes with Gigabit Ports except Deco E4 & E3.
  2. TP-LINK Home Care is only available in mid and high-end series such as Deco M5, M9 Plus, X20 & X60.
  3. Only latest series such as Deco X20 & X60 comes with WPA3 Encryption, others are still using WPA2
ModelSignal RateCPURAMEthernet
DECO X60 3 PACK2402 Mbps (5 GHz), 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz)Qualcomm 1Ghz Quad-Core CPU512MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO X20 3 PACK1201 Mbps (5 GHz), 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz)Qualcomm 1Ghz Quad-Core CPU512MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M9 PLUS 3 PACK867 Mbps at 5 GHz (1), 867 Mbps at 5 GHz (2), 400 Mbps at 2.4 GHz

Qualcomm 717MHz Quad-Core CPU512MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M9 PLUS 2 PACK867 Mbps at 5 GHz (1), 867 Mbps at 5 GHz (2), 400 Mbps at 2.4 GHz

Qualcomm 717MHz Quad-Core CPU512MB4 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M5 3 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 638MHz Quad-Core CPU256MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M5 2 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 400 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 638MHz Quad-Core CPU256MB4 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M4 3 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M4 2 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB4 (each node 2 ports)
DECO M3 3 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB2 (on M4R node only)
DECO E4 3 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB6 (each node 2 ports)
DECO E4 2 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB4 (each node 2 ports)
DECO E3 2 PACK867 Mbps on 5 GHz, 300 Mbps on 2.4 GHzQualcomm 750MHz Quad-Core CPU128MB2 (on E4R node only)
Can we mix and match Deco series models and use together?

Yes you can. All Deco series are compatible with one another, just make sure that you are using the highest specs node as your main node for maximum performance e.g. mix M5 + E4, M5 must be the main node.

After reading the specifications, you might ask – so I live in a 3-story house, should I get 2 packs or 3 packs?

As a generic guideline, it is often better to place 1 unit on each floor to maximize your WiFi coverage and performance.

A very layman explanation for the non-techies – more mesh wifi nodes will allow “stronger” frequency broadcast (especially 5Ghz), and as more nodes are added towards the network, you can seamlessly connect into 5Ghz and thus, maximizing performance with better coverage.

Should I get WiFi 6 or non-WiFi 6? Does it help?

It depends on your scenario – if you’re tight in budget, then the WiFi standard doesn’t matter as your main criteria would be looking at price.

The reason why people opt for WiFi 6 is for better bandwidth management – for instance if you are building a smart home with countless smart devices from your light bulbs to your smart wear – WiFi 6 will be able to handle these loads extremely well.

As WiFi 6 will be the mainstream networking tech in the near future, getting one of these will also future proof your network, after all, it’s a one-time investment for the long term.

What is the TP-LINK Homecare all about?

This is a collaboration between TP-LINK and Trend Micro to provide network-level protection.

We are seeing the rise of cases where people suffer financial losses due to phone being hacked, or someone being stalked via their own webcam.

These are all cases where TP-LINK Homecare tries to prevent and scrutinize based on network-level protection. Read more about it here.


  1. Hi, thanks for the detailed review. Currently I’m considering to buy either M4 or M5. Are you sure they are all equipped with Quad Core CPU? I believe M5 it is, but I’m not sure about M4. And wich one will give best performance? I don’t need antivirus, qos, etc, just need best raw performance. Please advise.

    1. Hi there,

      Just go for M4 if what M5 offer in Homecare not important to you.

      Based on the info we have – yes, both are quad core (albeit not listed officially). What we advise people to focus on is what the model promised to do – based on bandwidth, issues and etc, instead of focusing on hardware itself as performance is based on combination of hardware and software (firmware in this case).

    2. Hi, I got existing Tplink Deco M9plus 3 packs for my house 2nd floors 2 packs and 3rd floor 1 pack, found signal not good for 1st floor, ground and basement floor, would like to know whether I can mix and match to add Deco x90 2 packs, for 1st floor and ground floor 1 pack of Deco x90, and basement floor 1 pack of Deco x90, I asked the Harvey Norman seller and he told me cannot mix and match both M9plus and X90, and for either M9Plus or x90, the maximum packs are 5 packs only? Is it true?

      1. According to TP Link, up to 32 devices can be connected together on one mesh network. I would suggest using one x90 as the main router since it’ll allow you to use wifi 6 on the x90 units. you can rearrange the units you have to make that happen.

        For avoidance of doubt – all tplink’s literature refers to the x60 as the highest end unit they sell that is interoperable with other deco units. perhaps the x90 is new and they still have to add it? I would call the company to confirm

  2. Hi,
    Can you please advise if the 2 storey house is longish and the main has to be placed on one end, what is the best configuration and which lowest end model would you recommend? (Price sensitive but would like the stuff to work as well). Currently, dead spot is at the other end and room upstairs. Stairs is in the middle.


    1. Hi there,

      Cna you let us know your house size, current bandwidth plan & current router model? It will give us better idea on what to suggest.

  3. Hi, May i get to know if using Deco M5 as access point, Unit one connect to main TMunifi router while Unit two connect to switch which later on split into 3 computers, will this work like lan cable connect link to the main TMunifi router with different individual ip address of each computer? Thank you

  4. Hi,
    I am desperate for help.

    I have a 2 story apartment with relatively thick walls. Its 3 old combined apartments so there are no ethernet ports and each works on a different electrical circuit (cannot use PowerLine). I currently have an AirPort Extreme + AirPort Express and have never been able to get solid wifi upstairs (tried adding extra express and TP link extender). I get 200mbps from Spectrum.

    I want to switch to Mesh and TP-Link is by far the most affordable.

    Which model would you suggest? I was thinking the M3 because I do not have any smart home devices and there are not many devices utilizing the internet (Usually 2 computers, 2 smart phones, Apple TV, Smart TV, Printer). I just want a reliable connection that wont drop. Thank you in advance I know this is a long post!

    1. Hi Spencer,

      Can you advise us on your house size, each floor size and how many rooms That will help us to provide a better suggestion.

  5. HI,
    I wanted to have advice on which should I buy.

    I live in a 3 story house, have a unifi router located at the 1st floor, a tp-link wifi extender RE 305 at the second floor. Good connection but budget wise which is better? The DecoE3 (2Pack) or the DecoM5 (1Pack)

  6. Hi,

    I’m contemplating between X20 or M9+. While one is Wifi6 and the other WiFi5, I understand that back haul is important vs the WiFi. Can you clarify?


    1. Hey there,

      Both models also support Ethernet backhaul however only Deco M9 Plus support wireless backhaul. Deco X20 will have better wireless speed, especially to WiFi 6 devices.

      So it’s up to you – what’s your current bandwidth package and router model?

  7. Hi.. what is the best deco for unifi lite (streamyx)? All the tp link mesh can use for unifi lite? If one day my area had coverage for higher unifi plan, which deco is suitable so that i dont need to buy the new one.

    1. Hi Ahmad,

      All Deco can connect to any router. You may consider those support higher bandwidth like M4 (300Mbps), M5 (500Mbps) so it still can support if you next time upgrade to higher bandwidth plan.

  8. Hi, currently I am using Deco M5 with 500mbps internet. the Wifi Signal received by the secondary unit is about 300mbps.

    now, i plan to addon with X60, as the main unit, with such setup, will my client unit(Deco M5) receive the max bandwidth which is more or less around 500Mbps?

    1. Hi Ong,

      We can’t guarantee what is the final speed that you can get, but for sure it will be better compared to your current setup.

      Mesh WiFi theory is just very simple. Stronger connect between each node = better speed
      And More nodes = stronger connection.

  9. I live in a 3-storey superlink house, around 4000 sqft. Currently on Unifi 300Mbps but may upgrade in the future. Would you recommend the X20, M9 Plus, or something other than these two? Thanks!

    1. Hey Bron, can I know what router are you currently using and issues faced? We can provide better suggestion based on the issue faced.

      X20 and M9 Plus are more than enough for 300Mbps, best go for 3 packs (one each floor).

  10. Hi, if i understand it correctly, on a 100mbps broadband with 3 stories building and using wireless backhaul, (taking into consideration most devices can’t support wifi 6 yet) M9plus should perform better in terms of speed and latency compared to X20, is that right? even on the furthest node?

    1. Hi Josh,

      Yes, any ISP package 500-800mbps will need wireless backhaul and strong penetrating WiFi, Deco M9 Plus is always the best choice. Another alternative you can look at is Asus CT8.

  11. I’ve got 3 E4 Decos, but considering adding another to get out to the garage, is there any advantage in getting one of the more expensive ones to add to the mesh of stick with the same model

    1. Hi Steve,

      Only Deco M5 is available in single unit, what you can do is to use Deco M5 as the main node (directly connected to your router / modem), while the remaining three E4 as nodes.

      You will get better performance and coverage.

    1. Hi Wilson,

      If you’re not looking to upgrade your ISP plan anytime soon, then getting E4 would suffice. M4 can support up to 300Mbps which is more of a future proof at additional RM100-200*.

      So it depends on you as most mesh models support 100Mbps bandwidth.

  12. Hi, I’m deciding over X20 and M9 Plus. I see that M9 plus has 5Ghz (1) and 5Ghz (2) and 2.4Ghz. Does it mean that M9 has tri-band and backhaul while X20 doesn’t have tri-band and backhaul? In that case, If I don’t have any WIFI-6 device, M9 is running faster than X20? Thanks!

    1. Hi Zee,

      Deco M0 Plus supports wireless backhaul but not X20. “Faster” is relative to your device compatibility and bandwidth package.

      Long story short, for 500Mbps or lower, we’d suggest to go for Deco M9 Plus.

  13. I currently have the stock Netis router from unifi, running the turbo 800mbps. I live in a 24x75sqft, 2 storey home, and the router is placed in the 1st office right at the entrance on the ground floor.

    I have kids running classes in the study room in the middle of the ground floor, and another office in my bedroom upstairs directly above the office below, but both the study room on the ground floor middle and my bedroom office have only 9-20mbps on speedtests. It also periodically drops in both locations and the zoo classes and my browsers hang.

    Considering a mesh system and the only devices that can use WiFi 6 are our iPhones currently but they aren’t used much at all during the working day. With that in mind, I think my emphasis is channeling enough steady bandwidth for 4 video conference devices and Netflix hd simultaneously.

    What would you recommend sir? Thank you.

    1. Hi there,

      Do consider Deco M9 Plus or ASUS Zenwifi CT8, both of them can support up to 800Mbps. It’s also worth noting that these models come with wireless backhaul (tri-band) to provide better network stability and speed.

      Note: Both are not WiFi 6 but they are sufficient to support your current usage.

  14. I’d love your view and opinion please…


    House – double storey 3600sqft
    Unifi turbo 800mbps
    Router Netis stock standard
    6 users with simultaneous video conferences and 12 other handheld devices plus streaming on tv.
    Router position is in the office gf with glass sliding door.
    Next to router, non cat 6 device, I can get 450mbps on 5Ghz, 80mbps on 2.4Ghz.

    In the study in gf middle room, I get intermittent drops on video calls and upstairs in my bedroom office which is directly above the gf office I get 16mbps on 5Ghz and 4Mbps on 2.4Ghz.

    Only our 2 iPhones are WiFi 6 capable, and we don’t use much indoors so it isn’t a priority.
    I don’t have wired back haul in mind either, chief.

    I’m wondering what would be a good enough setup. Considering between the deco x20, m9 plus currently. Maybe 3 unit setup?
    The ARcher AX20 is also on the cards.
    Thinking the XT8 might be overkill for now.

    That’s all that’s on my mind. Your thoughts please?

    1. Hey there,

      Do look into Deco M9 Plus, ASUS Zenwifi CT8 or Deco X20, these models can solve your issue.

      Definitely XT8 is the best among all, but ultimately your budget will decide which model you can opt for.

  15. Hello.

    I’m staying in a 2 storey house.
    WiFi router is upstairs using Time 500Mbs
    I’m having trouble with connection in the room downstairs and also when door is close in one room upstairs.
    1. Which would you suggest?
    2. Do I still need to use my current wireless router or completely no need if get Deco pack.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Wain,

      For 500Mbps we recommend going for Deco M5, M9 Plus or Deco X20 if you have the budget.

      Whether you can use mesh as router or AP mode depends on your usage:

      1. If you need to use hypptv or more LAN connection.

      You can set Deco as Access Point and connect to router.

      2. If don’t need hypptv (or lesser usage of LAN port)

      You can use Deco as main router, you will get better performance and experience.

  16. I currently have a TP Link Router Archer C8.
    I just purchased a TP Link Deco X60.
    Q. Should I totally discard my Archer C8 or still include it in my network configuration?

    1. Hi Gordon,

      Depends on whether you need the extra LAN ports by Archer C8, otherwise you’d be better off using Deco X60 as the main router.

  17. I currently live in a 2 store 2200 sq ft house. My current router is a TP-Link C3150 v2 with a TP-Link RE650 range extender upstairs. My Unifi service is suppose to be 800 Mbps. Which mesh system would you recommend?

  18. I am considering to purchase Deco M5, 2 units to be used as Access Point to connect to my router. Does both unit of Deco M5 requires to be connected using a LAN cable or one of them can work wireless? The reason I ask is because I don’t want to use LAN cable for both unit, if that is possible. Also, does both unit require power supply?

    1. Hi Emily,

      You don’t need LAN cable to connect both unit as they are connected via wireless. It’s designed to takeaway the hassle of connecting manually via LAN.

  19. Hi, I’m currently having smart devices at home (light switches, curtains, sensors and ipcams). Can the E4 3 pack helps managing all this by splitting the load over the 3 devices?
    Currently, my box does not manage all the devices when everything is on (in addition to smart devices, phones, TV’s and tablets).

    1. Hi Bidi,

      Don’t quite understand what you mean here. Your smart devices aren’t heavy network load products, so technically it shouldn’t burden your network unless you are talking about livestreaming across multiple PCs.

      Can you explain what are you looking for here?

  20. Hello,
    I did not see the P9 in the overview which allows network over 220v (powerline) to connect the mesh points when too much wall obstructions.

    In my situation i have possibility to connect all AP’s to the main router through cat-5 cables (use a switch to connect 3 AP’s).
    I miss one network cable on one remote location. Could i use a P9 as router, another P9 at the location without cable, then connect 3 more M5 (or whatever) by cable ?
    I read somewhere of one AP is connected to a P9 by network cable, it stops using powerline to the other AP?

  21. Hi.
    I have a 2 storey house 1800sf, using Maxis broadband 30mbps only and looking for a budget- friendly option.
    Any recommendations? Thanks.

  22. Hi,
    I currently live in a 3 store 3000sq feet house.
    I have modem on highest floor.
    Does all units needs to be connected to main unit?
    Is it problem if the lowest unit don’t see main unit, only one on the middle floor?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Domi,

      What do you mean when you say main unit? Are you referring to the mesh node?

      Mesh WiFi works by connecting each mesh node wirelessly, so you don’t need to worry about it.

      1. Hi, main unit is the one connected to the Internet.
        Second unit is connected to main (wirelessly) and third unit (don’t see main unit) to second.
        Is that combination OK?

  23. Hi, I’ve mistakenly bought deco e4, I’m using unifi 100mbps which I thought e4 would be sufficient but to my mistake e4 LAN capability is only 100mbps instead of the max internet speed which I thought it would be. Which then limits my internet speed to 40+mbps.

    What should I do? Can I get 1 pack of deco m4 or m5 and setup as the main unit for the LAN connection?

    1. Hi Vin,

      Nothing wrong E4 use on 100mbps plan. It should be sufficient. If facing Low speed at sub node, just bring the node closer or add on more Deco.
      Of course, you also can add on one M5 as main node, at let E4 connect to M5 wirelessly, this can make the whole network support bandwidth above 100mbps.

  24. Hi,

    Would like to check whether can setup this way with 3 pcs Deco M5, presume there is 2 unit of terrace link house with approximate 2500sq feet each. Running on 100mbps unify package at house A. Gap between House A & B with wall/ glass door approximate 3-5m range.

    House A:
    1) main Deco M5 setup in 1st storey (approximate middle of the house)

    House B:
    1) 2nd deco M5 at 1st storey
    2) 3rd deco M5 at 2nd storey

    Usage will be some Youtube streaming media, basic browsing and working, occasional light duty gaming (steam left4dead).

    My question will this setup work, and wonder the 5Ghz range able to reach or not as will be useful for streaming.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi there.

      It’s very subjective. It’s difficult to judge your setup as it is affected by many environmental factors like wall thickness, surrounding WiFi, WiFi channels etc.

      Good thing is mesh WiFi is very flexible. 3 units Deco not strong enough, then just add on more Deco, any model. At last sure can settle.

  25. Hi,

    Great review on products & configuration. Setting up my new place, so would like some advise.

    Planning Maxis 300mbps, 3 storey house approx 3500sqft. Mainly used for TV box, kids online school, google meet & general internet use(mostly on iPhones & iPads).

    Considering between TP-Link Deco X20(2-pack) or Deco M5(3-pack). Which would you recommend?

    Thank a lot!

  26. HI there,

    I have a 2 story 2,000sf (each floor) home with some thick walls. I’m not too worried over speed but want a rock solid connection everywhere. Would I be better off with X60 (3 units) or M4 (6 units). None of my devices are wifi 6.

  27. Hi, I have maxis fibre 300mbps plan in a double story house.

    Can’t decide if I should get:
    1. Deco M4 2-pack
    2. Deco M9+ 2-pack

    Ideally hoping to get above 200mbps across the whole house.
    Budget is not an issue, but don’t want to be overpaying unnecessarily.

    Also, does M9+ overheat considering its form factor?

    1. Hi Lee,

      M9+ not overheating, just the casing is metal not plastic like M4, so users will feel the heat from the casing, so some people tend to overreact.

      For me, I will use M4 3pack, or M9 plus 2 pack. Depends on budget, and either in near future will upgrade plan or not.

  28. Hi,
    I am staying at a 2 1/2 storey house 2500++ sf using Unifi 500 Mbps. Currently using TP-Link Archer C1200 router. Using LAN can get around 420-450 Mbps. Using Wifi, around 100-200 Mbps. Planning to get TP-Link Deco X20 (2 or 3 packs) to replace that router. Planning to put 1st unit as router at 1st floor, 2nd unit at Living room ground floor.

    Can I connect the 2nd unit to Smart TV and Hypptv box using LAN cables a the living room since it has 2 LAN ports? If yes, I can just configure the 2nd unit 2nd port (IPTV VLAN – Malaysia Unifi) and not necessarily need to be unit 1. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Edmund,

      Suggest you to go for Deco X20 first, and observe what you are not satisfied, after that only know what to change or add on.

  29. Hi,

    I have 3 decos installed, the main is on the first level 2nd and 3rd are on the second level of the house, they are not really far to each other but i noticed the 2 decos on the second floor has a 20% less speed than the main.. what it the reason behind this? Thanks so much

    1. Hi Dandy,

      Can’t expect have same speed at every nodes as there are bound to be interferences (walls, frequency, signals etc)

      But, you can add on more Deco to strengthen the connection, then the speed will improve.

  30. Hi there, i have just purchased X20 single unit for my 2500ft condo but it was paring with 2 unit of E4R mesh. router is C7 AC1750. the internet download speed is not as consistent and somehow the devices will not connect to the nearest or the strongest mesh ex; x20 in my living hall, e4r in my kitchen. when i walk to my living from the kitchen and even sit down for an hour the connection still shows connected to E4R.

    i was thinking to get a couple m5 or m9 or even x20 to replace my master bedroom and kitchen’s one. which would u recommend for a better upgrade? thx thx thx

    im with Unifi 500mbps

  31. Hi, I live in a 2400sq ft one floor apartment. I have a current internet speed of 100mbps, which i am planning to upgrade to 300 mbps. I am confused with two models – Deco M5 AC 1300 (3 units) and Deco M9 AC 2200 ( 2 units). Can you suggest me which one I should purchase.

    1. Hi Aman,

      Deco M5 should suffice for your case, get 2-3 packs.

      Deco M9 is better for those using 500Mbps and above, as the device comes with Tri-band for WiFI backhaul.

  32. Do you know how extra features work in mixed environments?

    For example using M5 ad the main, then 2 more M4 nodes. Will you get Antivirus protection and enhanced Parental Controls?

  33. Hi, I have maxis fibre 300mbps plan in a 2000 sq ft double story house. Router and modem are located at Ground Floor. Currently have dead corners in one room at 1st Floor.

    Can’t decide if I should get:
    1. Deco M4 2-pack
    2. Deco M5 3-pack

  34. hi there, i am currently having the unifi 500mbps package in a double storey 2000 sq ft house.
    using m4 deco x 2 units now. one on ground floor and one on first floor. sufficient to cover the whole house.
    just itching for upgrade and if i will get higher speed if i upgrade ?
    Option 1- Upgrade only 1 of the m4 deco to a better model ? X20 or X60 maybe ?
    Option 2- Replace both m4 deco.

    Current speed is fine just want to know my other options for upgrade. thanks.

    1. Hi KY,

      Depending on what exactly you are looking to improve, your upgrade options will differ.

      If you’re looking to go full 500Mbps and latest WiFi 6, then you might want to upgrade into full set Deco X20 / X60.

      What’s your current speed test result?

  35. Hi! Really appreciate the detailed guide. Tho i must admit i had to google a lot of terms because i’m a tech illiterate fossil.

    My question is i live in a 1100 sq foot, 2br, condo. The main router is in the living area. Unfortunately, the signal in the main bedroom where my desktop is is weak especially when the door is closed. I’ve seen multiple iterations of the models you posted here from 3 pack e4s vs 1 pack m5s.

    Just checking if you think a 1 pack m4 or m5 will be sufficient for me to stream in the bedroom while my wife watches her netflix shows in the living room.

    Thank you so much in advance and more power to you.

  36. Hello,

    I have E4 connected to my ISP router. Would like to upgrade my internet to 250Mbps

    Can I use M4 as main node and E4 as slave? Can I still get 250Mbps with E4? Because E4 wifi is limited only to <100Mbps when connected hardwired to my ISP router. I'm not sure how will they perform when used as slave node

    Thank you

    1. Hi Perry,

      The max limit of E4 is 100Mbps, so you won’t be able to get 250Mbps even if you upgraded your package.

  37. I am currently using M4 as main installed downstairs living room, upstairs with M3W…. double storey house 22×80. I am facing frequently disconnection of my smart devices (cctv) at the backyard which is behind the kitchen door. Is the X20 unit to replace the current M4 at same position will help to improve the signal range? Or the x20 wifi 6 only useful on my smartphone with wifi 6 supported but doesn’t give any advantage to rest of of non wifi 6 smart devices?
    I have couples of smart led, smart fan, smart camera, etc….

  38. hi, i am currently using unifi 100mbps and wish to add Mesh Wifi to my double storey house first floor ( wifi-deadzone)

    After survey, i found Maxis is offering 300Mbps under my monthly budget and it comes with new wifi 6 router.

    i am not sure if this Wifi 6 is strong enough to kill all the deadzone in my house ? if not, any suggestion on which mesh device is best match with this Maxis wifi 6 router with easymesh compatible ?)

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Wang,

      What’s your current house size? Can I know what is the Maxis WiFi 6 router model as well?

  39. Hi,

    I am living in 2 storey landed house around 2000sqft. Currently using unifi 300mbps and free router from unifi place at ground floor. Speedtest can get full at ground floor but only 30mpbs at first floor.

    Now I couldn’t decide to take deco x20 (2 pack), or deco M5 (2 pack). 1 at ground floor and 1 for first floor.

    Less than 10 units devices to connect. Gaming and nexflix 4K drama for usual use.

    Please give me some advise 🙏

    1. Hi Lee,

      Both is suitable for 300Mbps, depends on your budget.

      X20 is WiFi 6 whereby Deco M5 is on WiFi 5.

  40. Hi,
    I just changed maxis 300mbps plan router to tp link AC1750 mesh wifi router. The router is placed in fronth room with glass sliding door. My house is a double stories with 5 rooms. I am having problem getting signal at the last room which used a TV Box and it buffer’s. Need advice, was planing to purchase M4 2 pack, as i was told this units does not need a lan cable to connect . the idea is to place on the upper room and one at the room in the back of the house. Or should i get the M4 3 pack ? or M5?
    Warm Regards

    1. Hi Rav,

      Both works, just that M4 supports up to 300Mbps whereby M5 supports up to 500Mbps with TP-Link HomeCare.

  41. I currently am on UNIFI 300mbps plan with TMs Archer c1200 router. I live in a 2 story ard 2000sqft house. i can get only bout 30mbps on the 2.4ghz network and 100mbps on the 5ghz on second floor. One room in the 2nd floor is a dead zone. What should I use? is it worth it to get the M5 over M4? and what speeds can I expect from M4’s 2.4ghz band.


  42. I just got 1Gb internet and the two-piece M4 deco system, but it’s not enough for the size of my house (385m2, two floors, thick cement walls and floors). I’m currently only getting ~50Mb on the first floor where I want to set up our gaming computers (5g modem comes in on the second floor).

    What system would you recommend? I can get more m4’s to extend the existing two, or I can get some of the higher end ones like the x60/90 (but I’m unsure how well they will play with the thick walls in our house and they cost a LOT more per unit). Would it be better to buy several m4/5’s or a couple x’s?

  43. I have 1800 condo, single floor. I have 2 X M4 Tplink mesh connected to a standard router from Time. I still have some blind spots. I want to add on more TP link device, perhaps one with USB so I can remove the standard router and connect 8t straight to the network. The reasons for needing usb is I connect it to my printer. Any suggestion what TP link model to get?

  44. Hi, I’m currently have 300Mbps Unifi internet and 2 M4 unit (one as router) in 2000 sq ft double story house. But still have some place is getting low wifi speed. I plan to buy a M5 unit (since m4 unit dont have 1 pack). Will it better to use M5 as main or just as extend?

  45. Hello
    I am using Maxis 100Mbps, double story house with 2500 sq/feet.

    Is it OK for me to buy M4 instead of M5?
    Can i purchse only 2 packs?

  46. Hi, I’m currently have 800Mbps Unifi internet and using Tp link ax90 as router where it placed at 1st floor. My house size 2000 sq ft double story house. I want to get wifi coverage from my home to my guard house. The estimated distance from my home to guard house is about 80ft. So please advise and suggest to me which model Tp link mesh and how many I should set up to get this far coverage and stable.

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