TP-Link HomeCare

Imagine when you buy a router and it comes with security features to protect your network.

Powered by TrendMicro, TP-LINK HomeCare is a built-in service that is available in selected routers & mesh devices.

It offers comprehensive security for your network in three main features: Antivirus, Parental Controls & QoS.

How TP-LINK HomeCare Works

Instead of the traditional anti-virus which scans and cleanse the device, TP-LINK HomeCare acts as a home network security filter that protects all devices on your network.

This means your Smart TVs, game consoles, smartphones, smart LED lightbulbs – basically all connected devices are protected.

With the proliferation of devices, it becomes highly difficult to guard each individual devices.

TP-LINK HomeCare comes in three main features to protect your family:

Antivirus As A Preventive Measure

TP-Link HomeCare Antivirus

TP-Link HomeCare Antivirus takes a preventive measure to secure your network from being infiltrated in 3 ways:

Malicious Content Filter

It will automatically identify malicious content and block them based on TrendMicro’s database.

TrendMicro has the latest infected or damaging site list which can protect you from being infected with malicious code.

Intrusion Prevention System

With TrendMicro’s intrusion prevention system, your network is constantly safeguarded from outside malware and hackers especially from external attacks.

This closes vulnerabilities in your network’s armor, protecting your system and applications from external attacks.

What If A Device Was Infected?

In any case, where your smartphone or laptop is compromised, the system will automatically quarantine it.

Your device will still have access to the internet however it will be blocked from communicating with network resources, applications or devices.

If a device has been compromised the system will quarantine it. This device will still have access to the internet, but it will not be able to communicate with network resources, applications or devices, thus protecting the rest of your network and devices from infection.

Prioritize Traffic Based on Activities & Devices

TP-Link HomeCare Quality of Service

TP-LINK HomeCare Quality of Service allows you to set traffic priority based on either activities or devices.

Say you have a house full of gamers, you can tick to prioritize gaming activities.

What if your family is streaming video while you’re trying to browse the Internet? You can prioritize browsing activity too.

In short, TP-Link HomeCare QoS provides an intuitive and robust interface that allows you to set at the application level such as gaming, streaming, surfing, chatting, or even by device.

You can even do customize based on your preference.

Parental Controls

TP-Link HomeCare Parental Control

If you have kids at home, you might be worried that they are viewing inappropriate stuff on the Internet.

TP-LINK HomeCare offers an extensive parental control feature that would really impress you, heck, it’s very intuitive as well.

With this parental control, you are able to create a profile based on different family members. You can group devices under a single profile so that they adhere to the same rules.

To make things easier, you can also select the preset offered by TP-Link: Child (0-7), Pre-Teen (8-12), Teen (13-17), and Adult (17+).

Each preset comes with specific filters that are enabled which you can customize based on your need.

Want to limit your kids’ Internet time? Setup the time limit in both weekday and weekend.

Want your kids to sleep earlier? Setup the bedtime to disable Internet access, you can even white list or black devices.

Available on Selected Devices

With that being said, TP-LINK HomeCare is only available on selected devices.

Do You Need Network-Level Protection?

TP-LINK HomeCare comes as a free feature to protect your home network from being infiltrated.

What we understand from TP-LINK is that this is a complimentary 3 years free plan from date of activation.

You may still use the features (antivirus, QoS, parental control) even after the 3 years period, it’s just that the Antivirus & Parental Control database would not update without a paid subscription.

Still no news on how much you can top up to maintain the subscription.

But all in all, if it’s free, why not have it as it protects your network from being infiltrated.

After all, not many brands are offering additional network security to protect your network.

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