Most of the people do not know that we have 4G+ in Malaysia, in fact, it is widely available in most urban areas by most telcos like Maxis & Digi.

This has also led to some confusion by fellow mobile modem users – is it worth it to get a 4G+ modem router instead of 4G router?

We decided to find out what is the difference between 4G Router & 4G+ Router by running a delicate speed test.

At the end of the day, what matters most is does it make sense for the network upgrade in terms of speed and stability.

But before that, let’s take a quick debrief on how cellular network works.

What is 4G and 4G+?

4G+ basically is the faster version of 4G, it is also known as LTE-A or LTE-Advanced, the reason why it’s faster than 4G is because it uses two bands at a time, compared to 4G which uses single band at a time.

You can check your telco 4G+ coverage here.

Source: Qualcomm Evolution of Mobile Technologies

While the maximum speed of 4G can go up to 300Mbps, but in real life Malaysia, we’re experiencing 20Mbps on average based on this Open Signal report.

With that being said, 4G+ is said to perform much faster than 4G, and that is exactly what we set to find out.

The Idea Behind Speed Test

Now that you’ve understand how network quality are *supposed* to provide up to certain speed, but in reality, it is affected by many external factors such as network availability, coverage, interference, device chipset and many more.

The idea behind this speed test is really to find out what is the realistic improvement that we can get in real life when we are using 4G+ network on a 4G+ enabled router.

By all means this is just a comparison on the improvement, it does not represent the maximum performance that the router can go, afterall, it is highly dependant on many factors.

4G Router VS 4G+ Router

4G routers are typically routers with a sim card slot which enables you to use mobile cellular network as connection. Some can be used as MiFi (portable modem) or as a standard router at home.

In today’s speed test, we will be testing 2 models by Tenda, namely Tenda 4G680 (4G Router) versus Tenda 4G09 (4G+ Router)

We ran this test in Petaling Jaya where we have full and stable access to 4G+ network.

We also used a Google Pixel XL with Speed Test app installed to cross check on the speed test.

4G & 4G+ Router Speed Test Results

When we tested the 4G network on Tenda 4G680 – we’re getting 10-20Mbps on average.

But when we swap over to 4G+ network on Tenda 4G09 – that’s when we’re getting 40+mbps on download.

Do take note that we did 10 respective tests on each device and took the best result, this is to ensure network consistency.

Here is an actual table stating the difference between speeds.

While it’s pretty clear cut that 4G+ does outperform 4G network in speed test, what’s worth noting is that it’s costs additional RM50-100 to get a 4G+ enabled router, compared to 4G router.

That sounds like a pretty sweet deal as it’s a much better speed.

What do you think?

P/S: Do check out our list of 4G+ Routers here – TP-LINK MR600, TP-LINK M7450, TP-LINK M7650, Tenda 4G09, you might find a good deal there!

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