Mercusys Mesh WiFi

Mercusys – a sister brand powered by TP-Link is launching their first Mesh WiFi system in Malaysia very soon.

What we understood so far is it could be launched in early August at a very attract price point – less than RM200 for 2 packs.

According to Mercusys, this Mesh WiFi system can cover up to 2200 sq. ft with just two nodes. Just like other mesh devices, you may add additional units if you need a larger coverage.

The First Wireless N Mesh WiFi

Instead of the typical mesh system designed for 300Mbps and above, this Mesh WiFi by Mercusys is designed for budget users with ISP packages less than 100Mbps.

It is one of the rare mesh WiFi specs that comes in wireless N300 system.

For the record, Mercusys has always been offering affordable networking gears for the masses, and at this price point, we would say it’s really a huge thumbs up for the public to try out mesh system.

Stay tuned and we will discuss more about this model once we receive the stock.

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