Best Mesh WiFi Malaysia (Updated 2020)

[Update] We revisited the list during Movement Control Order and updated for 2020 based on the latest Mesh WiFi system launches, we’ve also added a few more categories below.

Mesh WiFi or whole-home WiFi systems are designed to provide superior WiFi coverage compared to other WiFi solution. As more and more people are looking into mesh WiFi system, we have curated Top 7 Mesh WiFi for different ISP plans.

This list is curated based on a combination of customer feedback, budget, and performance. If you are looking for more mesh wifi suggestions then make sure to read on!

Best Mesh WiFi for Thick Walls

While Mesh WiFi is designed to provide wide coverage over your house, but admittedly, sometimes we are often limited by the power plug location or heck, thick walls (it is still a problem).

Here are some models that you can refer to as they operate on either stronger chipset or come in hybrid mode.



TP-LINK Deco P9 is a hybrid powerline mesh WiFi model that supports 3 phase wiring – in other words, you can get stable connection despite the thick walls in your house as it uses both electrical wiring and WiFi to transmit signal.

It is also an affordable model that can support bandwidth packages up to 300Mbps.

Recommended For:300Mbps Plan for Double Storey House & Three-Storey House
Price:RM500 - RM800
Pros:👍 Hybrid model - WiFi + Powerline
👍 Wireless class: AC1200 + HomePlug AV1000
👍 Maximized Range: WiFi coverage up to 6,000 ft2 / 560 m2 (3-pack)
👍 Supports >100 devices
Cons:❌ Slightly pricier than pure WiFi models
❌ AC1200 model instead of AX model
Summary:A good hybrid mesh device for big houses with thick walls.
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One of the way to overcome thick walls is to have powerful chipset that can penetrate them easily while maintaining the signal strength.

ASUS ZenWiFi CT8 comes with quad-core CPU, 6 built-in internal antennas with high penetration. It also offers all ASUS related features such as AiProtection (network-level protection) that protects against malware or cyber threats.

For those who are concerned about router getting hot (especially when you don’t reboot or turn off regularly, who does that?), CT8 comes with double heatsink to maximize heat dissipation.

Recommended For:800Mbps Plan for Gamers
Price:RM500 - RM800
Pros:👍 AC3000 Tri-band model
👍 4 Gigabit Ports
👍 Quad-core CPU & 6 Built-In Antennas
👍 Coverage up to 5,400 sq. ft.
Cons:❌ On AC Model instead of AX Model
Summary:Premium specifications at affordable pricing compare with other brands.
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Best Mesh WiFi for Gaming



We recommend getting 2 units of ASUS GT-AC2900 gaming router, I know this sounds contradictory as it isn’t “mesh wifi” but hear us out.

ASUS has a proprietary technology called AiMesh that are available on mid to premium level routers, when you combine these routers together, you will get a mesh network, hence you can roam around flexible and seamlessly.

As this is a gaming router, it also comes with better chipset and also triple-level game accelerator which prioritize your gaming experience.

Recommended For:800Mbps Plan for Gamers
Pros:👍 AC2900 model
👍 3x3 MIMO on 2.4GHz band, 4x4 MIMO on 5GHz band
👍 60MHz and 1024QAM for gigabit Wi-F
👍 Triple-level game acceleration reduces gaming ping times by up to 75%
👍 RangeBoost and AiRadar beamforming technology for up to 120% wider coverage
Cons:❌ Most premium model in the market
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Alternatively, you can also consider ASUS RT-AC86U which is an affordable gaming router that can support up to 800Mbps. It comes with AiMesh with NitroQAM and 5Ghz quad-stream technology.

Recommended For:800Mbps Plan for Gamers
Price:RM800 - RM1,500
Pros:👍 AC2900 model
👍 Able to form AiMesh
👍 Adaptive QoS and WTFast® game accelerator
👍 NitroQAM™ Enabled
Cons:❌ Pricier than other models
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Best Mesh WiFi for TV Box

For TV box, we highly recommend using LAN connection that connects directly with your Mesh WiFi or router (read this).

Generally most TV Box can operate well with 2.4Ghz (i.e. 100Mbps), so it becomes a question of your budget and preference, browse full list mesh WiFi here.

It is also worth noting that majority of the streaming lag comes from TV box server instead of your connection, hence you might find delay in streaming during peak hours.

Recommended Mesh System for 100Mbps Plan

Mercusys Halo S3

Mercusys Halo S3

Mercusys is a sub-brand by TP-LINK to provide affordable entry-level networking gear. Halo S3 comes with the basic features of a mesh WiFi that costs you less than RM200. This is good for budget users that want to provide decent WiFi coverage for their house.

Recommended For:100Mbps Plan in Apartment or Double Storey House
Price:Less than RM200
Pros:👍 Super affordable entry-level mesh WiFi
👍 Covers up to 2,200 sq. ft.
👍 Supports >20 devices
Cons:❌ Runs on Wireless N instead of latest Wireless AC
Summary:Ideal for budget users with less than RM200 budget.
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Tenda Nova MW3


Tenda Nova MW3 is an AC1200 Dual-Band Mesh WiFi system. This is ideal for budget users that are using 100Mbps as the device costs less than RM200. It comes with basic features such as MU-MIMO & smart QoS.

Recommended For:100Mbps Plan for Double Storey House & Three-Storey House
Price:Less than RM200
Pros:👍 Comes with decent features for basic WiFi network
👍 Covers up to 2,200 sq. ft.
👍 Uses latest Wireless AC for faster WiFi speed
👍 Supports >20 devices
Cons:❌ Tenda WiFi app has limited functionalities
❌ Has basic parental control features
Summary:An AC1200 dual-band mesh WiFi for budget users.
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Recommended Mesh System for 300Mbps Plan


TP-LINK Deco M4TP-LINK Deco M4 is one of the best-rated 300mbps mesh WiFi. This is an AC1200 Dual-Band model that comes with slightly advanced features for Smart Homes, for example, Voice Control with Alexa & IFTTT. It also has robust parental controls that provide extensive customization based on your needs. 

It comes in 2 packs and 3 packs package, priced around between RM300 – 500. With that being said, this is ideal for families that are looking for more protection and curfews.

Recommended For:300Mbps Plan for Double Storey House & Three-Storey House
Price:RM300 - RM500
Pros:👍 Comes with extensive and robust parental control
👍 Covers up to 2,500 sq. ft.
👍 Dual-band Wireless AC Model
👍 Supports >100 devices
Cons:❌ Pricier than other brands
❌ Not everyone needs parental control
Summary:Best rated 300Mbps Mesh WiFi.
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Recommended Mesh System for 500Mbps Plan

Tenda Nova MW6

TENDA Nova MW6Tenda Nova MW6 is an AC1200 Mesh WiFi model that is suitable for 500Mbps plan budget users. It comes in 2 packs and 3 packs package that priced between RM300- RM500. It does the job by providing superior WiFi coverage however it lacks the WiFi configuration capability compared to the TP-LINK Deco series.

Recommended For:500Mbps Plan for Double Storey House To Bungalow
Price:RM300 - RM500
Pros:👍 Decent specifications and features
👍 Covers up to 6,000 sq. ft.
👍 Dual-band Wireless AC Model
👍 Supports >100 devices
Cons:❌ Basic WiFi configuration features
❌ Limited Tenda WiFi App functionalities
Summary:Affordable option for 500Mbps users.
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This is suitable for 500Mbps plan users. This is an AC1300 model which is better than most entry-level mesh WiFi system. Here’s our review on TP-LINK Deco M5.

It comes in 3 different packages – 1 pack, 2 packs and 3 packs – which is priced around RM 100 – RM800, depending on the package. 

It also offers free network-level protection via TP-LINK HomeCare which serves as a home network security filter that protects all devices on your network

While it is slightly pricier than others, this product has actually gotten the most positive feedback from our buyers. They have shared that Deco M5 provides strong WiFi coverage while maintaining the WiFi speed consistency. 

Recommended For:500Mbps Plan for Double Storey House To Bungalow
Price:RM100 - RM800 (1, 2 & 3 Packs)
Pros:👍 Sleek and stylish design
👍 Superior specifications & features
👍 Covers up to 5,500 sq. ft.
👍 Anti-Virus with TP-LINK HomeCare
👍 Supports >100 devices
Cons:❌ Pricier than competitors
Summary:A mid range powerful mesh WiFi system.
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Recommended Mesh System for 800Mbps Plan

TP-LINK Deco M9 Plus

TP-LINK Deco M9 PlusIf you are looking for extensive network protection while having strong WiFi coverage, then consider TP-LINK Deco M9 Plus. This is a Tri-Band AC2200 Mesh WiFi system that has a dedicated channel for wireless backhaul, in short, you will be able to enjoy better WiFi speed and stability with Deco M9 Plus.

It comes with TP-LINK HomeCare that provides you with built-in Anti-Virus, Quality of Service and Parental Control. 

Recommended For:>800Mbps Plan for Double Storey House To Bungalow
Price:RM300 - RM1,300 (1, 2 & 3 Packs)
Pros:👍 Tri-Band Model
👍 Superior specifications & features
👍 Covers up to 6,500 sq. ft.
👍 Extensive features and protection with TP-LINK HomeCare
👍 Supports >100 devices
Cons:❌ Most expensive Mesh System
❌ Missing advanced features compared to similar specifications router
Summary:Maximize Performance & Coverage with Deco M9 Plus.
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D-Link AC2200 Tri-Band AC2200 MU-MIMO WAVE2 Whole House Mesh WiFi Wireless Gigabit Router COVR-2202

It comes with top-notch specs using Qualcomm chipset, 16MB of RAM and 256MB of storage. On top of that, it also comes with 5 years free McAfee Protection. Read our in-depth review on D-LINK COVR 2202.

This is designed for 800Mbps users to maximize their performance while having superior coverage. It was awarded as the Best Mesh Networking System in Tech Award 2019 by HardwareZone.

Recommended For:>800Mbps Plan for Double Storey House To Bungalow
Price:RM500 - RM800 (2 Packs only)
Pros:👍 Tri-Band AC2200 model
👍 6 internal antennas
👍 Covers up to 6,000 sq. ft.
👍 Slightly cheaper than competitors
👍 Comes with free McAfee Protection
Cons:❌ Comes in 2 Packs only
❌ Does not have extensive features compared to TP-LINK
❌ Basic functionalities on D-LINK WiFi App
Summary:Award Winning AC2200 Mesh WiFi System. Read review.
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  1. I am staying in a double storey house with the length of 100 ft x Width 44 ft. Internet provider stationed at 25 ft from the front and staying middle (Width) at the house.

    I have an internet provider with 800Mbps.

    Can you recommend which would be the best to suit to our home use. Home devices to connect around 15.

    1. Hi Stone,

      You can try D-Link Deco M9 Plus or D-Link COVR-2202, a minimum 3 pack to built a whole-home mesh network.

      You can replace the router with mesh unit, assuming you are using your bundled router provided by ISP (normally is AC1200 – which is not capable of handling 800Mbps bandwidth).

      In case you needed more clarity, check out our tool here to pick your router –

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