If you are using the latest IP Camera from D-LINK, then we have good news for you.

D-LINK has just reached out to us saying that there will be a firmware update rolling out before 20th of September, specifically for LH series camera.

What this update does is to enable Micro SD support up to 256GB storage option, which previously selected models are only capable of supporting up to 128GB storage option.

What is LH Series Camera?

For those who didn’t know, LH series IP Camera was awarded as the “Best IP Camera Brand” in the Tech Awards 2019 organized by Hardware Zone.

ThisIP Camera series allows users to access their IP Camera via mydlink App. It is also capable of supporting Micro SD Card storage AND storing them on cloud.

The cloud storage comes with free 1-day video retention, however, if you require more storage, you may subscribe for bigger capacity:

D-LINK Cloud Server Storage

Instead of storage capacity, saving videos on D-LINK cloud server goes by day retention. Currency is in Euro.

We did an in-depth review on one of the Pan and Tilt IP Camera – DCS-8515LH with sample footage, you may read it here.

Auto Firmware Update

The firmware will be updated automatically before 20th of September so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you are looking to get an IP Camera for your home, we are having a promotion now for LH Series IP Camera:

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