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Choosing the right home fibre for your home involves more than just monetary considerations. As there are so many packages offered by different telcos and Internet Service Providers, we’ve compiled all of them together so you can browse and compare them in a go.

What Exactly is Home Fibre?

Remember the dial-up jaring days? Fibre optic cables are 1,000, if not, 10,000 times faster than that as it can support bandwidth up to 1Gbps.

Home Fibre is built on fibre optic cable and networking devices that permit the flow of data transmitted through this revolutionary network cable, offering a higher bandwidth in comparison with the previous generation that employs a copper wire for data transmission. 

Telekom Malaysia offers uniFI Home Fibre that comes in 4 different packages up to a bandwidth speed of 300Mbps, which is 37.5 times faster than that of the fastest copper-based internet connection offered by the same provider. 

Note: uniFI Lite uses copper wire whereby uniFI Home Fibre uses fibre optic cable.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Home Fibre Plan

There are a few underlying factors that you should consider before you decide to sign up for one to ensure that you will get the internet connectivity that best fits your requirements. 

Coverage Area Availability

Always check for coverage for your area. For example, TIME fibre is only available in major Klang Valley high rise buildings, always check for coverage before you initiate a purchase. Look around the interview for reviews too.

ISP Reliability

The last thing you want is an internet connection that drops every 30 minutes. The reliability of an internet connection varies according to the location and the service efficiency of the internet service provider. 

In certain areas, some providers have comparatively good internet coverage and offer better internet services due to them having greatly invested in improving and expanding the existing networking infrastructure.

For instance, the speed of a 100Mbps internet connection may reach the intended bandwidth in a certain area. But, in another area, it may only attain around 50% of the allocated bandwidth. 

Bandwidth and Data Cap

Some packages offered by Telco have a data cap, even if it comes with a high bandwidth i.e. 1Gbps.

Ultimately, you should take into account how many family members, electronic devices and your usage behaviour to choose the right bandwidth package.

Generally, web surfing, receiving and replying emails and watching videos on YouTube consume around 5Mbps or less per user, which means if there will be 4 people connected to the same network doing the same tasks, an internet connection having a minimum bandwidth of 20Mbps may be needed. 

On the other hand, if there will be activities like downloading stuff from the internet, watching movies in HD and playing online games, an internet connection with no data cap and away higher bandwidth may be a better option.  

Cost, Minimum Subscription Period and Early Termination Fee

Most Home Fibre plans come with free installation costs and/or wireless routers and broadband termination units (BTU) or optical network units (ONU). However, these plans usually have a minimum subscription period and an early termination fee. 

Most of them will provide a wireless router, or in some cases, mesh wifi for the designated plan free-of-charge.

This means that before the termination of an internet plan during its minimum subscription period can occur, the early termination fee as indicated will need to be settled first. 

Standard Installation Cost 

All internet service providers have their own terms and conditions when it comes to offering free standard installation services. 

What you need to take note here is the charges on additional length of fibre optic cables as most ISPs only offer free up to certain length, anything longer is considered non-standard implementation where they will charge i.e. running cable over roof, pulling cable to 1st floor etc.

Home Fibre Plans in Malaysia

Now that you’ve vetted through the factors, here is a list of ISPs that you can refer to. In Malaysia, there are 6 internet service providers offering home fibre internet plans, many of those come with the same benefits and requirements. 

Internet Service ProviderBandwidthPrice Per MonthData Cap

*All the plans above come with free wireless routers and either ONUs or BTUs and require a minimum subscription period of 24 months and also an early termination fee of RM500.

The Best Home Fibre For You?

At the end of the day, what we all want is a reliable internet experience at an affordable cost, so do pick your fibre plans based on your budget and availability.

Once you’ve picked the right plan what’s next is really to get the right router for it, as much as ISP provides stock routers sometimes it may not perform up to your expectations. Here’s a quick guide for you to refer. 

Do check out our router tool to get customized recommendations as well.


  1. but my area do not have fiber yet T_T so now i just use celcom home wireless, the one can plug & play..thank god it is easy and the connection is good so far..

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