AC1900 Router Comparison

Today we are doing a quick comparison between AC1900 routers in the market.

Tenda AC18 is the best-rated AC1900 router that supports 500Mbps plans so far. The reason behind such popularity is none other than it’s competitive pricing and alluring AC1900 specifications.

To date, we received 373 ratings for AC18 on our Lazada store and 253 ratings on Shopee.  Does that still hold true in today’s market?

We will be doing a simple comparison among 3 AC1900 routers so you can see it for yourself:

  • Tenda AC18
  • D-LINK DIR-878
  • TP-LINK Archer A9

The Comparison

FeaturesTenda AC18D-LINK DIR-878TP-LINK Archer A9
MU-MIMONo4 X 43 X 3
BeamformingYesAdvanced AC SmartBeamYes
Gigabit PortsYesYesYes
Quality of ServiceNoYesYes

With similar specifications and pricing, DIR-878 seems to be a better value buy as it comes with Dual-Core Processor as well as 3 X 3 data streams which are significantly better than Tenda AC18. It comes with Advanced QoS to manage your activity priority as well as band-steering that automatically assigns you to a less crowded network for better bandwidth.

DIR-878 is on promotion now and at a price of RM269, it is just a plain steal. Get yours here.


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