DIR-868L - AC1750 Router for RM100

One of the common question that we often get asked is “my TM stock router performance is sub-par, what other options do I have?”

You actually have a myriad of options there – from mesh WiFi to regular router – until we asked this question…

“But I only have RM100-200 budget lah, how?”

This is why we are doing this review on DIR-868L which in our terms, we find it to be the best price to performance ratio (as of today).

It is an AC1750 router by D-LINK that is capable of supporting up to 500Mbps plans. The biggest pull factor for this model is the price, it only costs around RM100. It is also compatible with UNIFI, Maxis Fiber (Internet) & TIME.

If you are a person that just wants a router to work without fancy features like MU-MIMO, seamless roaming, then make sure to read on to find out more about this router.

Unboxing DIR-868L – What’s Inside

It comes with:

  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Install Card
  • 3 Pin Power Plug
  • Ethernet Cable
  • D-LINK DIR-868L

Hardware & Specification

DIR-868L is often confused with DIR-850L – which is a cylindrical stock TM router. This is an AC1200 model whereby DIR-868L is an AC1750 model.

DIR850L vs DIR868L

Long story short – DIR-868L offers better hardware compared to DIR-850L. The major difference comes from the chipset, RAM, internal antenna and USB port. Here is the side by side comparison.

Wireless Speed1750Mbps (2.4G + 5G)1200Mbps (2.4G + 5G)
Flash128MB NAND flash     2MB serial flash 128MB
Antenna TypeInternal Antenna (3x3+3x3)Internal Antenna (2x2+2x2)
D-Link SharePort MobileYesYes
mydlink SharePortYesYes
D-Link QRS MobileYesYes
mydlink Lite iOS-AndroidYesYes
LAN4 (10/100/1000)4 (10/100/1000)
USB 2.0/3.0USB 3.0USB 2.0
Static IPYesYes
Dynamic IP (DHCP)YesYes
Static IPv6YesYes
PPPoE (IPv6 over PPPoE)YesYes
WPS (Wi-Fi Protect Setup)Yes (PIN/Button)Yes (PIN/Button)
WPA2-PSK (Personal)YesYes
WPA-PSK (Personal)YesYes
Guest ZoneYesYes
USB Sharing (SAMBA)YesYes
D-Link Wi-FiN/AN/A
Voice Control Support (Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant)N/AN/A
Wi-Fi MeshN/AN/A

How To Install & Setup DIR-868L

Here are a few quick reminders before we proceed with the installation:

  • Make sure you have your ISP credentials ready as you will need to setup your PPPoE connection
  • You will need to connect to
  • You will need a laptop / PC to configure

Setting up this router makes us appreciate how convenient app setup is, but with that being said, setting up this router isn’t difficult.

DIR868L Web Setup

Same old steps:

  • Connect DIR-868L (WAN Port) to Modem (LAN Port 1)
  • Connect DIR-868L (LAN Port 1) to your Laptop / PC
  • Login to
  • Key in your login ID (Admin) and password* (by default password should be blank, however, you should always refer to the bottom of DIR-868L to see if there are any other credentials)
  • Click on Internet Setup Wizard
  • Follow the on-screen steps (or refer to D-LINK guide here)

As this model has been in the market for quite some time, it doesn’t have the best firmware user interface compared to the latest app interface.

Speed Test – First Floor & Second Floor

We will be running the speed test in a double-story house. We will be checking both bands (2.4 & 5) on their download and upload speed.

Do take note that we are on a 300Mbps plan, hence we won’t be able to fully display the capacity of the router, however, it should suffice to provide in terms of coverage and performance.

DIR868L Speed Test on Double Story House

In terms of speed test – we are getting quite the maximum speed on the 1st floor on 5Ghz – closing to 280Mbps when we are near the router.

2.4Ghz speed is decent as it is close to 100Mbps.

As we move to the 2nd floor, there isn’t any 5Ghz coverage which is expected. We also observe a slight dip in 2.4ghz coverage, but we are averaging ~65Mbps for download – which is still decent.

The Verdict

Frankly speaking, DIR-868L is not the latest model in the market, it doesn’t come with the best UI design, you still need to configure it via a PC or Laptop instead of app, heck, it doesn’t even come with the latest chipset with features like MU-MIMO.

But it works.

It is a dual-band AC1750 router that can support up to 500Mbps at an unbeatable price of RM100. You won’t be able to find an AC1750 router with that price.

This is a budget yet performing router albeit with dated firmware interface.

If you are living in a decent-sized space and don’t want to splurge on networking gears, then this D-LINK DIR-868L might be the perfect choice for you.

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