DRA1360 WiFi Extender

D-LINK DRA-1360 is an AC1300 dual-band WiFi extender that comes with a Gigabit port for wired backhaul. It is the younger brother to DRA-2060 which has similar features but at lower specifications.

It is a mesh enabled WiFi extender – in other words – if you are using DRA-1360 with D-LINK Exo routers, you will be able to form a mesh network which provides seamless internet.

If you plan to use this with other regular routers – worry not – it will also function as a regular WiFi extender.

Mesh Enabled WiFi Extender

DRA-1360 is one the mesh enabled WiFi extender that is compatible with D-LINK EXO routers such as DIR-2660 & DIR-1360 to form a mesh network.

What it allows you to do is that – instead of buying out of the box solution – D-LINK mesh WiFi allows you to customize it based on your housing needs.

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Compatible with all Routers

While the mesh network is only available exclusively when you paired with D-LINK EXO routers, you can also use DRA-1360 with other regular routers to extend your network.

Key Specifications & Benefits of DRA-1360

D-LINK DRA-1360 comes with two external antennas. Below is the WiFi speed for both of the frequencies:

  • 2.4Ghz – up to 400Mbps
  • 5 Ghz – up to 867 Mbps

In layman terms, if you are using UNIFI 300Mbps plan then you might want to consider getting this device to extend your coverage. It comes with a Gigabit port which is useful for wired backhaul for faster and stable network connection.

Note: If you are more of a technical person, you may read the technical datasheet about DRA-1360 here.

Unboxing DRA-1360 – What’s Inside

Similar to DRA-2060, DRA-1360 comes with a 3 segment WiFi LED signal strength indicator.

  • Green = excellent WiFi signal from router
  • Yellow = moderate WiFi signal from router
  • Red = bad WiFi signal from router

DRA 1360 LED Indicator

You will notice that this device comes with “holes” as they are designed for thermal dissipation purposes. Networking gears can only perform at their best if they are in optimal temperature. Here is the Gigabit port which is useful for doing wired backhaul.

DRA1360 Gigabit Port & Reset Button

Here is what you’ll get in the box:

  • Quick Installation Card
  • D-LINK Setup Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Ethernet Cable

How To Install & Setup DRA-1360

Make sure to download the D-LINK WiFi app before you proceed with the installation. You may also watch our setup walkthrough for DRA-1360 if you needed some clarity.

All setup and pairing are done via the app, depending on the situation, you may need to connect to your router for pairing process, so make sure to stay near your router when you are setting up.

DRA1360 Setup and Installation

Once it set it up properly, it will automatically reboot and you can place it anywhere you want to extend the WiFi.

DRA1360 Successfully Setup
We placed on this second floor of a double-story house.

Closing Thoughts: Good WiFi Extender for UNIFI 300Mbps

We paired this device with DIR-2660 AC2600 router in a double-story house while using a UNIFI 300Mbps plan.

We are getting ~140Mbps download and ~53Mbps upload speed. There was no coverage issue as every nook and cranny has a strong WiFi signal.

This is an interesting proposition by D-LINK as it comes with mesh enabled WiFi extender which provides seamless internet under single SSID.

The ability to customize allows you to future proof and plan your network upgrade as you need comparing to getting out of the box solution.

With that being said, if you want to customize your own mesh network experience, then D-LINK mesh series is a good choice.

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