If you are looking for an IP camera, CCTV or security camera to monitor your large housing area and look after your pets, then this device is for you.

We will be doing an in-depth review of the latest 720P HD Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi camera from D-Link – DCS8515LH.

This device comes with motion tracking capabilities which is a step up from motion detection. In other words, it tracks as the object moves.

This device was awarded the “Best IP Camera Brand” in the Tech Awards 2019, organized by Hardware Zone. For the record, they are also 3 times winner in the same category.

Let’s deep dive into what this device is capable of and why they were crowned 3 times best IP camera brand.

First Impression – IP Camera Packed with Features

This is a super compact IP camera where you can place anywhere you want.

As most of the IP cameras in the market comes with motion detection, you will face one issue where the moment you receive a notification, the object has moved, and you ended up thinking to yourself if the IP camera malfunctioned.

This is one of the fewer models that comes with motion tracking. It is capable of tracking a single object at a time, which is a convenient feature. So the moment you opened up the app, you will be able to see the object directly.

This IP camera comes with a hybrid video recording – capable of storing it on cloud and local microSD card (up to 256GB). The cloud storage though comes with a catch.

The cloud storage comes with free 1-day video retention, in other words, you will be able to store your previous day footage up to 3 cameras.

Before we move on to the special features of the IP camera and in-depth tests, let’s look at what is inside the box.

Unboxing The DCS8515 – What’s Inside

It comes with:

  • Micro USB Power Adapter (comes with EU & UK adapter)
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Install Guide
  • HD Pan & Tilt W-Fi Camera (DCS-8515LH) itself

Minimum Requirements

You will need at least a wireless N standard for this IP camera to function, in other words, as long as you are using Streamyx or any broadband in Malaysia, you’re good to go.

Here are the specification details:

  • Wireless network with 802.11g/n wireless router
  • Internet connection
  • iPhone, iPad or any Android device with Bluetooth 4.0 for mydlink app

Key Features & Benefits of D-LINK DCS-8515LH

This compact camera comes with a panorama view angle selection which gives you wider vision at a 720P HD clarity. It can automatically swap between day and night vision depending on the lighting condition.

It auto-tracks moving objects and depending on your preference, you can store your footage in microSD slot or cloud (requires subscription)

It also has two-way audio where you can converse with your babysitter or your favorite pets… if need be.

The best part? You can pretty much access everything via mydlink app.

Small enough to fit in a small window

Here are a few benefits of this IP Camera:

1. Remote Access To Your IP Camera

With the mydlink app, you can access your IP camera without hassle as long as you are online.

You can pan & tilt the live video, or even zooming in to browse more. With its panoramic vision, you can actually view 360 in your room.

Considering that most working adults are often away during the day time, this remote access is really helpful.

2. Compact Enough To Place Anywhere

This device is extremely compact and you can pretty much place it anywhere with power plugs.

It is also really stable – even when it is doing the 360 panoramic vision – all thanks to these rubber pads in the bottom.

With that being said, you won’t need to worry about custom installation and you can just plug and play.

3. Motion Tracking & Instant Notification

Imagine the ability to know who barged into your house even when you are away. Not only it will automatically track and follow their movement, you will also receive notification and able to remote access to find out what is going on.

4. Works with Google Assistant, Alexa & IFTTT

If you’re setting up your house to be a smart house then this is a good addition. This device is voice control enabled and works with Google Assistant, Alexa & IFTTT.

Setting Up – Easy and Quick Installation

Setting up the IP camera is really simple, all you need to do is just to download the mydlink app on Playstore or Apple store, register an account and follow the instructions.

As this is a Wi-Fi camera, make sure you have your Wi-Fi password with you to set it up properly.

You can scan the QR code on the IP camera instead

You will be directed to a screen to conduct initial screening on the environment, upon completion, you will be able to pan and tilt the video camera around.

Review: Lighting & Motion Tracking Test

The most interesting test we did is to combine night vision and motion tracking. We wanted to find out the clarity of night vision especially with moving object.

To do this test, we turned off all lights in a room, leaving the door open with ambient lighting. Watch the video for more in-depth reviews.

Conclusion: A Smart IP Camera With Impeccable Features

To conclude, this device comes with all the features you need in an IP camera.

Cloud storage? Checked.

Motion tracking? Checked.

This compact device not only allows you to view 360 vision within the vicinity, it also comes with audio capabilities where you can speak with your babysitter or even command your pets.

In short, if you are a family guy or own a pet with some budget to spare, consider this device that can provide you all the access you need.

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