Tapo C200 and P100 Review

In this article, we will be doing a review on 2 Tapo devices – Tapo C200 – a Home Security WiFi Camera (IP Camera) & Tapo P100 – Smart WiFi Socket (Smart Switch).

For those who didn’t know, Tapo is actually a sub-brand by TP-Link that focuses on creating affordable smart devices.

If you are looking for an affordable IP camera that works or in progress of making a smart house – then make sure to read on.

Tapo C200 – Affordable IP Camera

Tapo C200 is a basic IP camera that comes with standard functions such as 1080P HD recording, night vision as well as micro SD card slot (up to 128GB), but what amazes us isn’t the features, but the Tapo app.

Decent camera settings within the Tapo App.

Tapo C200 Hardware Specifications & Features

Video Resolution1080P (HD Resolution)
Night Vision850 nm IR LED up to 30 ft
AudioBuilt-in microphone & speaker
Adapter Output9.0V/0.6A
WiFi Specifications802.11n 2.4Ghz up to 150Mbps
Features✅ Smooth Pan & Tilt (360 horizontal / 114 vertical)
✅ Privacy Mode (able to shut down surveillance)
✅ Sound & Light Alarm
✅ Two-Way Audio
🤩 Micro SD Card Storage (up to 128GB)
🤩 Live View (available with multiple Tapo C200 together!)
🤩 Motion Detection & Notification
🤩 Advanced Night View

More specifications on Tapo website

For those who are asking, this model can only be connected via WiFi (2.4Ghz) and doesn’t have any port for LAN connection, we didn’t find any stability or WiFi disconnection issue throughout our testing for 3 days, so we’d reckon it’s quite stable over WiFi.

Benefits of Tapo C200

While this is an entry-level IP Camera, what amazes us was the versatility of this IP Camera and the Tapo App.

Supports Up to 128GB

The majority of entry-level models support up to 64GB however Tapo C200 supports up to 128GB. You can also set it up to store the video locally in a loop.

In other words, you can store your past 7 days or 29 days video in your SD card. With the Tapo App, you can also directly download the footage into your phone gallery.

The downloaded file will be stored as MP4 format which is widely compatible with most devices – imagine if you need to share the footage with your family members to take note, how convenient is that?

Live View with Tapo App

OK lah, this is common right? But what if you have more than one IP camera and you needed to view all of them… in a go?

In comparison with most entry-level IP cameras, most of them only allow you to view cameras one by one, but Tapo Live View allows you to view up to 32 devices in a go.

4 devices per screen, able to swipe up to 8 pages which makes it 32

This is convenient if you own multiple IP cameras as you wouldn’t want to switch screens all the time.

Privacy mode available too.

Advanced Night View & Motion Detection

The night vision is clear in Tapo C200 at 15FPS, it uses IR LED to illuminate the surroundings, you can see our footage down below to see how it is performing.

Night vision – click to see the footage.

The other underrated feature is motion detection. For those who use IP cameras, you would be annoyed by the countless notifications of random movement (i.e. fan etc).

So to provide more control, you can actually select your motion detect area within the Tapo app.

Tapo App Motion Detection Notification

As your IP camera will be placed in a fixed spot, we can’t help but say this is a good move to reduce error and useless notifications.

Tapo P100 – A Smart WiFi Socket

This 13A WiFi socket allows you to remotely access your electrical appliances. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and of course, you need to access it from the Tapo app.

Tapo P100 – Smart Socket WiFi Switch

We played around with an IKEA table lamp just to showcase the remote control ability.

Testing Tapo P100 with Ikea Desk Lamp

There are 3 specific functions that you can access – which is schedule active hours, away mode and timer mode.

While schedule and timer are self-explanatory, away mode is something more unique.

According to the TP-Link demonstration, this function allows you to setup random wake hours, one of the use cases was standing lamp.

Assuming you are away for holiday, you can actually set up your standing lamp to wake at random hours, just to show your neighborhood that you’re around.

Setting Up Tapo C200 & Tapo P100

Setting up both devices are relatively similar. All you need is:

  • Internet connection
  • Tapo App (Available on both Playstore & iOS)
  • Smartphone

Everything is accessible via the Tapo app which makes it super convenient to setup.

Are They Worth It?

You are able to access all Tapo devices via the Tapo app even with your 3G/4G connection.

If you are looking for an affordable IP camera with decent function, then chances are Tapo C200 is a good fit at an affordable price of ~RM130.

Tapo P100, on the other hand, is slightly subjective. If you are the kind of person that prefers more control over your existing electrical appliances, then paying ~RM50 might be good for you.


    1. Hi Richard,

      Just use the same account to login will do, Tapo might have a family sharing mode in future, currently still pending app update.

  1. I have an issue configuring the camera with my TIME Broadband using an AC1350 router. The camera said: “Password registration failed. Unable to resolve domain name.” It’s frustrating to not able to get the logs of the camera to know what exactly went wrong. lol.

    1. Hello,

      Can I know what is the camera model you referring to? If you bought from us, please do contact our CS (LZD/Shopee) via live chat to help.

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