D-LINK DIR-2660 is a mesh enabled router that is compatible with Google Assistant & Alexa, most importantly it comes with 5 years free McAfee Protection.

It comes with parental control and automatically scan and identifies vulnerability on your network, which is a really good add on for your internet safety.

As most mesh Wi-Fi a.k.a. whole home Wi-Fi system are AC1200 and if you are looking for a much powerful router with mesh capabilities, then this AC2600 is for you.

What is Mesh Enabled Router

To explain this, you will need to know how mesh wifi works, in layman terms, it forms a mesh network where all networking devices can communicate much freely compared to traditional routing method.

You will get seamless internet which is a great improvement over the current routing standard.

In a typical scenario, you will need to manually change your SSID when you are moving between rooms, but with mesh technology, you will only have one SSID where it will automatically connect you to the nearest device where you can enjoy optimal speed.

Here’s a quick explanation on how mesh wi-fi works.

Why Do You Need Mesh Router? Isn’t It The Same As Whole Home Wi-Fi?

It’s a yes and no, we will need to revisit your networking problem to answer this, but generally, here are the 3 reasons:

  • Changing router is good enough and getting a full whole home wi-fi seems like an overkill
  • Majority of the mesh wifi is AC1200 standard, where you can get better performing router at the same price
  • It costs a lot more to buy mesh wi-fi

This router gives you the best of both worlds – better performance at AC2600 and mesh enabled, which makes it easier to upgrade in the future.

So if you aren’t sure if you need a whole home wifi system, you can check this out.

Unboxing DIR-2660 – What’s Inside

It comes with:

  • McAfee LifeSafe Support Card
  • D-LINK EXO Simple Setup Guide
  • Google Assistant & Alexa Setup Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Quick Install Card (you could install in mere minutes with this)
  • 2 Pin Power Plug
  • RG45 Ethernet Cable
  • DIR-2660 Router itself

Key Features & Benefits of D-LINK DIR-2660

This is an AC2600 dual-band (800mbps for 2.4Ghz, 1732Mbps for 5Ghz) gigabit router with 4×4 MU-MIMO, however as it is a mesh enabled router, you don’t really need to manually change SSID as the router will dynamically change for you.

This router will automatically define which is the best frequency for you based on your distance and location, which in turn, giving you the optimal speed at all times.

It comes with standard specification like four-gigabit ports, with 1 USB 3.0 at the front, and USB 2.0 behind.

The greyish fin-like design to dissipate heat.This is one of the good looking routers with fin-like design on both the left and right of the router. It was designed to dissipate heat so the router can have a better thermal condition.

Here are a few benefits of this router:

Free 5 years McAfee subscription.

With built-in McAfee protection, guards your smart home at the network level against the onslaught of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, 24/7.

Voice control your DIR-2660 Router

Imagine speaking to your Google Assistant or Alexa to enable guest Wi-Fi, how cool is that? You no longer need a laptop but only your VOICE.

Installing in Just Minutes

Typical routers require you to setup manually with a laptop (and static IP), with D-LINK it’s different. All you need is to download their D-LINK Wi-Fi app, and you are good to go.

Future Proof with Mesh Enabled Router

Instead of getting a whole home wifi system which might be overkill for you, why not get a mesh enabled router? You get a high performing router PLUS the mesh capabilities to future proof your networking.

How To Install & Setup This Router?

If you had any experience setting up a router before, you know you will need to manually connect to static IP for the router configuration, not forgetting connecting to the default SSID & keying in the alphanumeric default password.

Instead of doing that, D-LINK allows you to configure and install your router within your fingertips.

That’s right. ALL can be done within the D-LINK Wi-Fi app, which saves a lot of time and takes away the confusing part of setting up the router.

Remember the quick install card we mentioned earlier?

All you need to do is just to scan the QR codes inside the EXO card, it will guide you to:

In other words, it saves you the time from manually connecting and configuring the network itself.

All you need to do is to follow the app instructions so you can change the SSID into your preferred naming convention.

Make sure to have your UNIFi or Maxis login credentials with you, as you will need it to setup your PPPoE connection.

Review: Speed Test & Voice Control

The first thing we did after installing was to run a speed test, here is some background:

  • This router is capable of supporting up to 1Gbps.
  • In other words, it can support plans like UNIFI 800Mbps
  • Our current ISP plan is UNIFI 300Mbps which is way lower compared to what the router can provide

What we like about this is the convenience of the D-LINK Wi-Fi App, where you can get all the stuff done – like configuration and speed tests.

It saves the extra click and hassle to type “speedtest” onto Google which we see it as going the extra mile for the consumer.

As long as it saves an additional time for us, why not?

For voice control, we only did with Google Assistant as we do not have any Alexa-powered device. Heck, we even thought that we needed Google Home to do this test.

In fact, we don’t.

If you own an android phone or Alexa device, you can pretty much initiate the voice control. So we did two tests which are enabling the guest wi-fi & rebooting router, which turns out perfectly fine.

Pardon the needle gas song lol.

The first thing when your relatives or friends visit your house is to ask for a Wi-Fi password.

When you setup a guest Wi-Fi, it provides another access point to the Internet while protecting your home network from being compromised.

It used to be a hassle to set up a guest network as you require a laptop to configure, but with D-LINK, you can get it done with voice control.

The same goes for rebooting router.

Long gone were the days where you need to climb out from your bed and walk towards your router at 11:30pm just to reboot it.

You can get it done with your voice control.

Conclusion: A High-Performance Router With Mesh Enabled

If you’re struggling whether to get a whole home wi-fi or just upgrading the router, this router provides you the best of both worlds.

Not only that it has a better performance at AC2600, it also comes mesh enabled which makes upgrading or planning your network expansion much easier in the future.

It also comes with free 5 years McAfee protection which protects you from internet threats.

So if you aren’t sure if you need a whole home wifi system, you can check this out.

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