TP-LINK UNIFI Router GuideThe Complete 2019 Guide To TP-LINK Malaysia routers for UNIFI – see what are the recommended wifi routers that are compatible with UNIFI, Maxis & TIME Fibre and also after-sales support.

About TP-Link Malaysia

TP-LINK was founded in 1966 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Given its’ strong foothold in networking devices, TP-LINK is one of the preferred networking devices brands in Malaysia.

They carry a huge range of portfolios for both B2B and consumer market – ranging from routers, wifi extenders to switches.  You may or may not notice, ISP providers in Malaysia – Telekom Malaysia, Maxis & TIME Fibre actually use TP-LINK C1200 in their entry-level plans.

Their routers have been widely recognized as reliable and value-for-money compared to other brands.

Best TP-LINK Routers for UNIFI

Recommended TP-LINK Routers by OOKASThese routers are recommended as we found buyers that bought have the most positive experience based on a combination factor of budget, reviews, WiFi bandwidth, house sizes, and supported devices.

Whether you are on a tight budget or looking to expand WiFi coverage without sacrificing WiFi performance, this list will help you to make decision.

Brand & ModelRecommended PlanWiFi SpecsHouse SizeSupport DeviceBudgetMesh Enabled?
TP-LINK C5400X (Tri-Band Gaming Router)1GbpsAC5400>3,000 sq. ft.> 100 DevicesRM1,001 - 1,500Yes
TP-LINK C50100MbpsAC1200>1,500 sq. ft.> 20 DevicesRM101 - 150No
TP-LINK Deco E4100MbpsAC1200>2,500 sq. ft.> 50 DevicesRM301 - 500Yes
TP-LINK Archer A6300MbpsAC1200>1,500 sq. ft.> 20 DevicesRM101 - 150No
TP-LINK Deco M4300MbpsAC1200>2,500 sq. ft.> 75 DevicesRM501 - 800Yes
TP-LINK C9500MbpsAC1900>1,500 sq. ft.> 75 DevicesRM301 - 500No
TP-LINK Deco M5500MbpsAC1300>3,000 sq. ft.> 100 DevicesRM501 - 800Yes
TP-LINK C3150800MbpsAC3150>2,500 sq. ft.> 100 DevicesRM501 - 800No
TP-LINK Deco M9 Plus800MbpsAC2200>4,000 sq. ft.> 100 DevicesRM1,001 - 1,500Yes

You may find that despite routers are capable of supporting certain ISP plan, but the coverage and supporting devices may vary by a lot. This is especially true for mesh wifi as it was designed to provide more coverage compared to traditional router.

These routers are all compatible with TM, Maxis and TIME Fibre. Here is a link to full list of TP-LINK Routers.

TP-LINK Router Compatibility

TP-LINK Router CompatibilityThe routers covered here are compatible for UNIFI Turbo, Maxis Fibre & TIME Fibre.

TP-LINK also has ADSL/VDSL routers (which is not mentioned in this guide) that are designed for UNIFI Lite (previously known as Streamyx).

TP-LINK UNIFI Router Setup

In this section, you will learn how to set up your brand new TP-LINK router for your UNIFI plan, this is applicable to all models stated here. Alternatively, you may also browse our UNIFI router guide for more router comparison.

Step 1 – Ready Your UNIFI PPPoE ID & Password

You will need your PPPoE ID & password in order to set up your UNIFI, here is how your ID looks like:
UNIFI ID: ookas@unifi (ending with @unifi)

If you do not have this record, you may contact TM or call 100 (via your landline) to request your ID & password. However, do take note that the person who submits the request must be the owner of the plan (for verification purposes).

Step 2 – Connect Your New Router To TM BTU Modem

All UNIFI packages come with their dedicated Broadband Termination Unit (BTU), you will need to connect your router to TM BTU in order to access their fiber plans.

TP-LINK UNIFI Router SetupThe latest BTU (upon UNIFI turbo) comes in white color. Here’s how you need to setup your TP-LINK Router:
1. Connect your UNIFI Modem (LAN 1 Port) to your router (WAN Port)
2. For HyppTV box, connect it to your router (LAN 1)

Note: For your HyppTV to work, you will need to plug it into the LAN 1 port that is enabled for IPTV.

Step 3 – Configure your TP-LINK Router

There are 2 ways to configure your router – via Web Browser or TP-LINK Tether App. Your configuration method will depend on your TP-LINK router, however, regardless of the method, both are simple and easy to setup.

Setup via TP-LINK Web Browser

Here’s the official guide by TP-LINK Malaysia to setup via web browser, do take note that you will need a laptop to do this.

Setup via TP-LINK Tether App

All you need to do is to download the TP-LINK Tether from Playstore or Apple Store, then follow the in-app instructions.

Important Information:

  • The default ID & password for both portal and Tether is admin/admin
  • Make sure you select PPPoE during setup and key in your UNIFI ID & Password
  • Remember to select Malaysia-UNIFI profile
  • Enable VLAN tagging as it is required for UNIFI to work properly

TP-LINK Malaysia Warranty

All TP-LINK Malaysia products sold by OOKAS comes with 3 years warranty. We only sell original and genuine products, or else we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

We also offer 2 ways free warranty returns within 15 days of purchase as well as unlimited free one-way shipping during the warranty period.

TP-Link Malaysia Service Center

TP-LINK Malaysia has one official service center located in Plaza Berjaya, below is their listed address – Lot 3.01 – Lot 3.02, 3rd Floor, Podium Block, Plaza Berjaya, 12, Jalan Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

You can walk in their service center directly, here is a quick link to their location “TP-LINK Malaysia Service Center” or simply click this link

TP-LINK Malaysia Contact & Support

Here is a list of TP-LINK Malaysia contact, alternatively you can refer to the information below:

Technical & Warranty Support:  +603-21414358 (Monday – Friday, 11:30am – 8:00pm)
Location: TP-LINK Malaysia HQ, TP-LINK Malaysia Service Center