Here is a list of WiFi routers that we carry, you can filter based on your brand preferences. You can also jump right into our recommended WiFi routers based on ISP plans.

Top 3 WiFi Router For All ISP Plans

WiFi Routers For 300Mbps Plan

These are the best selling budget routers that are priced from RM100 – RM 300.

They are capable of supporting up to 300Mbps over WiFi, with realistic coverage of up to 1,500 sq. ft. & supporting more than 20 connected devices which is more than enough for general households.

Tenda AC10U

TP-Link Archer A6


Compare Routers for 300Mbps

12 models to choose from.

WiFi Router For 500Mbps Plan

These wireless routers are priced from RM100 – RM300 which can support up to 500Mbps.

Base on our testing and feedback, Tenda AC18 can provide up to 2,000 sq.ft coverage while the Archer A7 & DIR-868L is around 1,500 sq. ft.

Among all, DIR-868L has the best price to performance ratio as it is priced less than RM150.


Tenda AC18

TP-LINK Archer A7

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12 models to choose from

WiFi Router For 800Mbps Plan

All wireless routers can support up to 800Mbps over WiFi and provides superior coverage of more than 2,500 sq. ft. They are priced from RM500 – RM800.

In terms of specification, DIR-895L is an AC5300 Tri-Band model, while the Archer C2300 & Archer C3150 are AC2300 (Dual-Band) and AC3150 (Dual-Band) respectively.




Compare 800Mbps Routers

13 models to choose from

How To Pick The Right Wireless Router

The best way to start in choosing the right wireless router is to filter based on your ISP plan, you can do that by referring to our router suggestion tool or our in-depth UNIFI router guide

In other words, if you are using a UNIFI 300Mbps plan, you want to look for a wireless router that can support 300Mbps plan.

You will also want to answer the following:

  • What is the main WiFi issue that you are currently facing?
  • What do you want to achieve? No video buffers? Or whole house on 800Mbps?
  • How big is your house? Double-story?
  • How many devices you have at home?
  • What is your budget for WiFi router?
  • Where are you placing your router? Middle of the house? Inside storeroom?

These questions will help you to define what kind of WiFi experience that you are looking after and with that, you will be able to make better decision by comparing the specifications which we will share later.

The wireless router specification will greatly differ for a person that wants to maximize WiFi performance (e.g. 800Mbps over WiFi) versus someone who only want better WiFi coverage.

In the subsequent section, we will be explaining the WiFi specifications that you should look for based on your requirements.

Wireless Router Specifications Guide

In summary, what you want to look for is a combination of specifications based on your budget, again, the key here is to start with WiFi routers that support your ISP plan.

Here is a simple breakdown to help you understand better.

Wireless Protocol802.11n/ac/ax
Wireless SpeedAC1200 - AC5400
Radio BandDual Band: 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz
Tri-Band: 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz + 5Ghz (backhaul)
Additional FeaturesMU-MIMO, Wave 2, Beamforming, App, Parental Control

Wireless Protocol

You will want to opt for wireless AC standard as it is capable of supporting most ISP packages, it is also a much affordable option compared to the recently launched AX standard (also known as WiFi 6).

Maximum Theoretical Speed

You will want to pick a wireless specification that is capable to support your ISP Plan. For a general guide, AC1200 is good for 300Mbps, AC1750 is good for 500Mbps, AC2600 is good for 800Mbps.

Wikipedia did a fantastic explanation here which includes all the breakdown of WiFi speed.

If you are still confused, you may browse our wireless routers  here, all the products are labeled with the recommended ISP plan on the thumbnail – which should help you in making your decision.

Dual-Band or Tri-Band

It depends on your expected outcome and budget.

In most cases, picking a dual-band router is more than enough to support most ISP plans, however, if you are a power user that wants to have maximum WiFi performance then getting a Tri-Band router that comes with wireless backhaul is a better option.

Additional Features

If you are looking for additional features such as parental control or even anti-virus, these are only available of specific TP-LINK & D-LINK Devices.

How To Setup Wireless Router

You are required to setup your wireless router during installation. Make sure you have your ISP credentials from your ISP Provider. These are your login ID and password provided by TM UNIFI, Maxis Fibre or even TIME Fibre. If you aren’t sure, you may contact with their CS to retrieve your login credentials.

Once you have your credentials ready, follow the steps below:

  1. Disconnect your old wireless router from your modem
  2. Connect your modem (Lan Port 1) to your new wireless router (Wan Port)
  3. Turn on your wireless router
  4. Configure your router via LAN connection or their own App.
  5. Key in your ISP credentials
  6. Setup your own SSID and WiFi network
  7. Setup successfully.

You can now configure most routers by using their proprietary app – which takes away the hassle requiring a laptop and LAN connection. Depending on the model, some may require you to setup via web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I am getting <100Mbps speed from my AC1200 router?

Please check your router Ethernet port (WAN & LAN), if there are Fast Ethernet and not Gigabit ports, mean the bandwidth input will be limited to less than 100Mbps, so the output (LAN or WLAN) will not more than 100Mbps.

Why is my WLAN & LAN speed is <100Mbps, even on a AC1200 Gigabit router?

Assuming you are on the right ISP plan (100Mbps and above), try to check your cable. Ideally you should be using CAT6 Ethernet cable to connect to WAN port instead of CAT5 cable.

I'm on a 30Mbps plan, will I get 300Mbps speed if I change my router?

300Mbps is referring to maximum wireless speed, you will get this wireless speed but not bandwidth speed (actual data speed). Your case is just like you have a 300 lanes highway, but your ISP only supply you 30 cars. Higher speed specs router will not change the number of cars, but provide you better speed and smoother experience in between devices and router.

Can I use 2 wireless routers in a network?

No, only one wifi router in a network, other product that add-on network could be an access point, WiFi extender, or a WDS bridge.

Can I use AC1200 on a 800Mbps Plan? Is it recommended?

You will not get 800Mbps over WiFi. The number of that 867Mbps in AC1200 is referring to the TOTAL speed of all throughputs, is not a single connection maximum speed. And the CPU and RAM specs in the router are playing important roles in actual bandwidth output.

Do I need a MU-MIMO router or WAVE 2 router?

Basically all MU-MIMO routers are WAVE 2 WiFi. We recommend MU-MIMO router for those users who have more than 5 devices connecting to the router in the same, so you can stream HD video and playing online games smoother.

Can you guarantee the WiFi speed I will get from this router?

WiFi speed is very subjective, *Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of 1) environmental factors, including building materials, physical objects, and obstacles, 2) network conditions, including local interference, volume and density of traffic, product location, network complexity, and network overhead, and 3) client limitations, including rated performance, location, connection, quality, and client condition.  

Why my laptop only detect 1 SSID from this dual band router?

Please make sure your laptop WiFi adapter is a dual-band adapter too.

Do I still need to configure the router when it arrived?

Yes, you are required to configure your router during installation. All you need to do is to follow the manual guide to setup.


    1. Hi Imran,

      Make sure you select the UNIFI profile when you are setting up, it is located under “Special ISP Setting” during quick setup when you are keying in your PPPoE.

  1. Hi,

    Currently I’m using Asus RT-AC1200G+ with Unifi 500Mbps, almost 20 device connect to it and my house condo with 1800sqf. Should I remain current router or upgrade?

    1. Hi Aiman,

      What’s your biggest issue with the router? Technically if you are happy with it no need to change lah, unless you have performance issues.

  2. Hi,

    I currently using Dlink 842 provided by Unifi, for my Unifi 800Mbps, for about 20 devices at 2-storey home. My problems:
    1) can get 800mbps wired speed but cannot get 800 mbps wifi speed
    2) wifi signal on second floor is too weak.

    Can you recommend a router that can solve both problems so I get stream at 800 mbps wifi speed on second floor?

      1. i would like to know too. is ax20 be enough to get 800 mbps? around 5 meter range without wall

        or huawei ax3 is a better choice? both are around rm250

        1. Hi there,

          Generally most WiFi 6 routers can support up to 800Mbps, but it is subjected to your environment like WiFi interference, distance etc.

          It’s hard to say which is better, if die die want 800Mbps, best is connect via LAN cable.

  3. Hi,
    I am currently using deco m9 but i am having issue with ping spike and random cut off . My subscribed speed is 800Mbps from unifi but i am getting about half the speed through wifi and 50Mbps one floor above. Both the test are being carried out about 1M from the access point/ router. So now i am looking for a replacement for it.
    My house is 3 storey but i have ethernet cable only up to the second floor. I am currently looking at the Asus gt ax11000 for replacement. Do you think that this would help with the speed and spike or do you have other recommendations.
    Thank you for assistance in advance

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